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Feb 2017 Grzesiek79 Big box with 30 German beer, The bigger is from South German small regional Brewery. And from Frankonia (Around Bamberg), some natural BIO beer, Unfiltered and Unpasteurized. Two from "altesten Klosterbrauerei der Welt" :). Wonderful selection and variety beer style. Some funny mini matchs, deckel and beer opener. Perfectly package and fast delivery. Bardzo dziekuje Mariusz.
Oct 2016 Grzesiek79 Big box with 28 wonderful bottle of beer. 2 rare beer from US, RIS from Fullers. Good German craft beers and good from comercial Brewery. Some beer in my favorite swing-top bottle. Perfect Selection from Mariusz. Many,many coaster and beer bottle cap. Almost new magazine from this year "Bier Weil’s Schmeckt" for free. Thanks for all great 166 page. VIELEN DANKE MARIUSZ
Sep 2016 Grzesiek79 Meat occurred in Warsaw at "Kufle i Kapsle". He brought me three beers. Once is Sylter Hopfen from 2009 with champagne yeast and this rare beer is in strong box. Another two beer from egzotic country like Jordan and from the closed North Korea. Verry big thanks for that. If you travel around the world and meat him I’m secure is that good and friendly meeting. DANKE
May 2016 CH-303 Smooth country-tick mini-trade. Very secure packaging and great communication. Would trade again!
Mar 2016 Grzesiek79 Another and new verry big and strong box. 32 wariation of German beer. A lot from craft brewery and some from exotic Country (Columbia and new for me from Myanmar). Perfectly package, fast delivery. Mariusz is send to me not only a good beer, many deckel, a newspaper and other gratis product. Tkanks a lot. This trade is verry perfectly. From all my heart i recomend this trader. Vielen Dank
Feb 2016 Grzesiek79 What Can I Say? Mariusz is verry good friend. Another trade with him is a super beer asortiment a lot of many difrent beer, some egzotic beer (Martiniqie, Reunion and craft from Mexico). German beer with swing-top bottle, some organic beer. All 36 beer is look wonderfull. Some beer buy specially to me in Saveur Biere. Good contact, fast delivery, big strong box. Mariusz is a Genius. DANKE
Jun 2015 Grzesiek79 Another Beer Trade. This guy is goog company and friendly. Helping about German beer and Land from his country. Two big box perfectly package. Many beer from German Comercial and Craft Brewery. One beer from Peru and one exclusive beer in box. I recomend trade with him to all people who love good beer. Cheers, Na zdrowie.
Apr 2015 kappldav123 Received another great package with interesting beers and some nice beer samples. Great as always! Thanks a lot!
Apr 2015 Erzengel Got a nice parcel with samples of Ba-Wü brewpubs plus two international beers! Great as usual!!! The next parcel to you is already on its way!
Apr 2015 Grzesiek79 Big Box with almost 30 great beer from Germany. Perfectly Package and special careful package bottle witch swing-top bottle. Two beers from Switzerland and one is Bio. All beer in this big box from kevnic2008 and a new magazine about beer and a lot of based on beer is great to me. I recomed trade with Mariusz. Thanks/ Danke/ Dziekuje.

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