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Mar 2015 arminjewell Won his Free Beer Week contest for 2 free cans, opened the extremely well packed box to find over 10 cans of different brews that I had never tried! Very generous. Thanks again!
Dec 2014 umich03jm Thanks Chris for seeking out some local wants of mine and then filling in the rest of the box with a great mix of various unrated stuff. Appreciate all the stickers too. Always a pleasure.
Jun 2014 Homer321 Holy cow. I contacted Chris out of the blue looking for some cheap gas station beer I can’t get here and we quickly worked out a deal. Then, he sends a HUGE box with about 20 beers in it, half being just bonus beer. He went out of his way to get me some beers, too. A great trader! I owe this guy!
May 2014 umich03jm The Dr crushed my porch with probably a 40 lb box of local bottles and cans including a special request from Jackie-O’s. I sent a similar box back and we’re both happy. Thanks for another great trade Christopher.
Jul 2013 cubs Received enough beer from the Doc to sedate a dozen cates. I’ll do my best to drink it all tonight. Shipped like a pro but what the heck is new.
Apr 2013 umich03jm Another successful trade with Christopher. Loved getting some more Jackie-O’s beers along with a couple other Wants. Threw in a cool t-shirt this time, Thanks. Great, flexible trader.
Mar 2013 Atom Won Christopher’s Dumbphone contest. Beers arrived quickly, thanks man!
Feb 2013 umich03jm First trade with Christopher and it went great. Quick responses, fast shipping, and excellent packing. Sent me some great rare beers I’ve been wanting for a while. Hope to trade again in the future. Thanks!
Jan 2013 cubs I responded to Christopher’s ISO post hoping to help a new trader and he blew me away both with professional packing and a plethora of bonuses. Great new trader. Thanks Christopher!
Jan 2013 mikedR Absolute pleasure to trade with. Shipped the beer right away, and well packaged. Also included some "freebie" brewery stickers, which was fun. A very generous trader, and recommended!

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