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Feb 2015 ygtbsm94 Outstanding box received from Jesse! He sent GI Bourbon County Vanilla Rye in a perfectly package box. Thanks Jesse for the outstanding brew and I can’t wait until our next trade. "Beer is Good Food"
Sep 2014 AkAndy Did a trade out of Alaska with Jesse and he was an excellent individual to work with. Communication was never an issue and a trade of two boxes went smoothly with no problems what so ever. Excellent pack and great trader. Will be trading with again.
May 2014 Gription79 Did a locals trade and Jesse hooked me up. Sent a great box of fresh local beers and packed like a pro. Thanks man for some great brews.
Apr 2014 Reynolds314 Second trade with Jesse was as painless and great as his first trade here on Ratebeer. Always easy to work with with a longtime wanted extra included. Jesse is one the best.
Mar 2014 dfhhead25 Checked in with Jesse recently and set up another IP trade. We had the parameters of the deal finalized in a matter of minutes. Jesse is one of the most laidback traders I’ve ever encountered and he absolutely annihilated me with extras. As cool and generous as they come, Jesse is a great asset to the beer trading community. Cheers man!
Feb 2014 ClarkVV Jesse sent me a billion beers for my measly little NC Brandy Barrel. not 1 but 2 growlers of Tired Hands, a Goose Island BCBS Coffee and about 4 or 5 extras on top of that...Very generous trader, great communication. Thanks man!
Jan 2014 seth_lfod I reached out to Jesse and he was more than willing to help. Got me the beers I was after and even included a beer I was looking to try as an extra. Dude is a beer hero and you all should send him beers. Thanks again Jesse!
Jan 2014 spence3208 Just completed a trade. Got some great beers, in a rock solid package with quick shipping! trades don’t get much easier/better then this. trade again anytime my man! Thanks
Nov 2013 awlcordell In a locals for locals bif and be came through HUGE, 2 tired hands growlers PLUS 7-8 bottles/cans. He killed it. All perfectly packed in what I can only describe as the fortress of solitude. Just amazing.
Sep 2013 jrob21 Just got a ridiculous box from Jesse with a surprise growler that’s going to make it high on my list of all time faves. Grate trader and fun dude to work with. Thanks again man.

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