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Sep 2018 Frudel IP trade in Antwerp. Eugene is very easy to work with, didn't took too much time to close the deal. We met up at Beerlovers Bar in Antwerp. He gave me some useful advices about the city and where I should be spending my time to visit! I wouldn't hesitate to trade with him again!
Sep 2017 SinH4 IP trade @ Borefts. Got some stuff I'd wished for, and some great stuff he knew I missed out on and kept me a bottle. Will definitely trade again.
Aug 2015 Marlos Great person to trade! I asked for him to pick the bottles and he picked really nice stuff I have never heard about! Really good to do business with. We met at the Kulminator and he introduced us to the owner!
Mar 2015 AdamChandler Another trade with Eugene. Some american beers for his Belgian beers. He’s always easy to work with and I hope we get to trade again.
Nov 2014 AdamChandler Eugene and I did another trade. Our forth? in person in Antwerp. First, Eugene is very honest and doesn’t hold feedback when we are working out trades. He’s very open and honest. He also does not consider rarity to be a huge issue, bottle for bottle of good beers is how he likes to do things. He’s also a good drinking buddy. Trade with Eugene, you will not regret it.
Oct 2014 tom10101 Another (2nd) IP trade with Eugene, this time in Antwerp. Very easy negociation, good bottles involved and he also gave me some really helpful advices about beer in the area. Thanks!
Sep 2014 bierkoning I did a bottle for bottle trade with Eugène and got a Cuvée Lambiekstoemper geuze for my Toon van den Broek @ Borefts. Smooth and easy trade. Friendly guy.
Jul 2014 JulienHuxley Very straightforward trade with Eugene, he had a bottle I wanted, I had a bottle he wanted and away. Anytime man!
May 2014 AdamChandler Eugene and I go way back..like at least 18 months. This guy is crazy and ridiculous in how awesome he is. We did an IP trade (well half of it I still owe him 5 bottles at least) and he’s timely and always great to share a beer with. If you’re in Belgium, reach out to him.
Apr 2014 tom10101 Nice and easy IP trade with Eugene at Zythos Beer Festival. It was nice to meet and share a couple of beers. Good communication and very helpful (he gave me some good tips for place to visit and eat in Brussels). I would trade again with Eugene anytime. Cheers!

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