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Sep 2016 MacBoost Steve send me a nice box with some very decent Ohio IPA’s in it. Solid trader, would chug again.
Jul 2016 Gary Steve sent the shit on time and packed with Amphetamines .thanks Steve
Dec 2015 MacBoost Trading with steve is comparable to just going out back and giving yourself a swift kick in the ass. A+ would bang again
Sep 2015 MacBoost Good trader. Easy to win trades against this guy!
May 2015 SHIG Mike sent my reward box for finishing 3rd in Ratebrackets 2015. Excellent communication from day one and really sent some gems that I would probably not have seen otherwise. I’ll remember how close I was to winning it all when I am drinking the Brothers Drake Bergamot Blue and Jackie O’s Mystic Mama IPA!
Apr 2015 cubs heckuva mule
Mar 2015 bytemesis Free Beer Week strikes again, this time in the form of a nice little box of unticked cans from Mikes neck of the woods. Expertly packed and chosen with love :). Thanks much!
Mar 2015 cubs mike sent me a growler of bodhi and bonused some fresh cans and bottles. on top of all that goodness, he also sent a god damned pined apple. pretty good trader being that he didn’t request anything in return. http://i.imgur.com/8613RFk.jpg
Oct 2014 phaleslu Mike helped a brother out in a big way. Jackie-O’s goodness on my doorstep. Shipped fast, great communication. Cheers, Mike!
Apr 2014 jdb288 Got a great box from Michcam8 as part of the March Madness challenge. Gracious enough to send a funky Apple Pie and some Jackie O’s goodies...can’t thank him enough. Cheers!

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