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Jun 2015 wchesser Another great trade with West-we’ve traded enough now that he’s great about watching out for beers I might want and going out of his way to get them. Easy going and great packing and communication!
Feb 2015 wchesser Back to back trade feedback here for West. Just got a fun box of beers. This one somehow shaped up to be the dessert beer edition with some Big Lushious, Westbrook 4th, and Terrapin French Toast WnB, with some Wicked Weed and Orpheus goodies (really excited to try these!) thrown in. As always, great easy going trade.
Nov 2014 wchesser Another great trade with West. Small but amazing box of Westbrook and Wicked Weed jewels. No fuss no muss with this guy. Looking forward to the next already!
Jun 2014 wchesser Just got a big box of goodness from West! A bunch of Westbrook Gose, some Mexican Cake, Panther, and Wicked Weed sours, and the guy still finds room in a box for some great extras. West rules!
Jan 2014 kcorum10 I answered an FT West posted and we agreed on a trade that day. This was the beat and easiest trade I’ve completed. I feel bad because he killed me with solid extras! Maybe you’ve heard of them...WnB Coffee Oatmeal Imp Stout, Sweetwater 16, and then some! Trade with him. You won’t be disappointed!
Jan 2014 Durne13 Easy transaction, great communication, and well packaged box. Obtained a Sweet Repute and some nice local extras; including a Wake n’ Bake (thanks West!).
Jan 2014 wchesser West put up an ISO/FT and I hit him up for our 2nd trade. Super easy to work with, fast shipping, good communication, and nice extras. What more could a guy want? Thanks, West!
Sep 2013 awlcordell West and I had a very simple trade, Westbrook Gose for unrated beers he couldn’t get in his area. He shipped first in an expertly packed styro shipper, excellent communication, all in all a most excellent trade. Would trade with him again in a heartbeat !
Aug 2013 Sarlacc83 Paired up with West in the Pro-Am. Was a pleasure to send emails back and forth with him, and he sent me a very thoughtful locals box that fulfilled a couple of wants as well as a few unexpected surprises in a well packed box. He’s a good one, and you should trade with him if you get the chance.
Mar 2013 wchesser Hit West up from a FT for some NG Serendipity, Zombie Killer, and Happy Ending. Worked out a nice little trade for some special CO brews. Easy communication, great packing, super quick shipping. Would happily trade again. Above and beyond on the extras too with some great Sweetwaters and Terrapin! Thanks, West!

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