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Jun 2016 Zakoon Nice and easy international trade with Art. He was very patient with me and we had great communication. I wouldn’t mind trading with Art again.
Mar 2016 bigda83 Won Art’s FBW contest. Sent me a fresh growler of General Braddock’s IPA and then threw in a Barrel Aged Troegenator as well!! Wow! Great guy here and speedy safe shipping!
Oct 2015 nimbleprop Art set up the Big Wants BIF and wound up shipping to me. The BA Gratitude came in as expected and then he filled out the box with a bunch of excellent locals. Will definitely do the Big Wants BIF again and happy to trade with Art any time.
Apr 2015 bytemesis Great trade with art for a long time want of mine and some really interesting sours. Every time is a pleasure - I wish everybody was as easy to trade with as Art!
Apr 2015 jtclockwork Great trade with Art. Hope to do it again soon!
Mar 2015 MacBoost Free beer week winner here! Artmcd8 sent me a very nice selection of locals, including a new sour that only had 2 ratings so far. Excited! Thanks a ton!
Sep 2014 mwbrady12 Art knocks it out of the park every time! Great communication and packing with insane extras! Highly recommended trader!
Jul 2014 AdamChandler Great trade, bomb-proof packaging. nice selection and extras! Thanks!!
Jun 2014 JefVerstraete Great IP trade in Brussels. Some good Cantillons and in return for me some great imperial stouts I didn’t try before. Thank you for the good communication!
Jun 2014 Bigtreebrewing Art shipped me a great Berliner and some great extras on top of it. I’d be happy to trade with him again.

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