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I love beer. That's why I am here. Originally from Italy I moved to Germany because here beer is better and cheaper. Furthermore, it's easier to spend a weekend in Franconia from here than from Rome. I love to try different beer, I love to go out of the confort zone and discover new breweries, new styles and new beers. I love to travel and discover local breweries, even if now I do not have so much free time anymore. !!! ATTENTION TRADERS !!! ...
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Berliner Berg Brauerei, BerlinBrauerei Lemke, BerlinBrauhaus am Ennert, BonnBrewbaker, BerlinBRLO, BerlinHausbrauerei Hops & Barley, BerlinLenny's Artisanal Ales (soon:  sǝl∀ lɐuɐsᴉʇɹ∀ s’ʎuuǝ˥ ), BerlinPrivatbrauerei Am Rollberg, Berlin