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Sep 2016 sloth Care package from Art. Sweet box of brews received from Art. Cool ass selection my friend. Not necessary but greatly appreciated! Hope to return the favor some time in the future. Thanks again!
Apr 2015 coldbrewky A giant box appears on the porch. A dozen goodies.... well eleven, the dos a rita was twelve. Thanks art o rita.
Jan 2015 mbgrayson Very good trader. He nursed me through my first RateBeer trade, and it won’t be my last! He beautifully shipped his beer to me in Montana through January weather, and it all arrived in great condition. He delivered exactly what he promised, with great communications. Thumbs way up!
Aug 2014 coldbrewky UDBNut strikes again! A box mysteriously appears on my porch this morning. along with two empty growlers of mine the following were lovingly wrapped amongst them. A CCB Hunaphu’s Impy, a Tuckahoe brewing Reed’s Bay IPA, Central Waters Stout, Mikkeler beer geek brunch weasel, McKenzies Hard cider, a BUD Light Strawberita can and to really pull the box together.... a Pipeworks White Russian I
Jul 2014 Ibrew2or3 Art helped me out by taking some malt liquor off my hands in exchange for more malt liquor goodness. Quick, smooth effortless trade. Great experience, great trader. Thanks again Art!
Jul 2014 tleaver33 Another great trade with Art. He continues to hook me up with fantastic stuff. All around great trader! Trade with this dude.
Jun 2014 Homer321 I contacted UDBeernut out of nowhere based on the various malt liquor rates he had that I was looking for. quickly worked to a deal and then he says he can toss in a huge want of mine. Killer box with NY whalez! would highly recommend!
Jun 2014 wheresyourball Nice trade with Art. Everything was well packed and his communication was great. Thanks!
May 2014 beechner224 Another great trade with Art. Do not even need to specify beers anymore, just send, drink, and repeat. Always great beers, and never a problem. Please trade with him!
May 2014 mullin38 Very easy to trade with and provided a nice extra. Great communication and shipped quickly. Would trade with again.

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