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Aug 2015 aleigator Awesome trade with Peter, who hooked me up with a long term want. He communicated beyond barriers, shipped timely and added awesome extras. A+
Mar 2015 Dunt Another incredible trade with Peter! This guy always goes above and beyond to take care of his trading partners, truly a world class trader. Always a pleasure and hope for many more. Cheers Pete!
Dec 2014 boogychillin Round 2 with this world class trader and it could not have been better unless they boxed up and packed the breweries themselves and dropped them in my driveway. Great beers, great communication, and great well everything. Big thanks again to my friend Peter. Someday I will share a beer with you!
Nov 2014 Beerlistman Great trade with Peter. Got some good stuff and in a fair trade! Communication was top notch.
Apr 2014 bursprak Easy IP trade when I passed through A-town. Nice communication and smooth negotiations. Got a highly sought want. Thanks Peter!
Apr 2014 boogychillin Set up an international trade with Peter and it could not have gone better. The beers, communication, and back and forth were all perfect. You won’t find a better person to trade with on this site and you won’t find a nicer person to have beer conversation with as well. Already discussing round 2 and I hope that we have a frequent exchange of beers and discussion. Thanks again!!!
Mar 2014 Dunt Another fantastic trade with Peter, cant say enough good things about this guy! This is trade 3 now and I hope we have many more in the future.
Oct 2013 Doodler Sir Peter and I did a second round of beer swaps - with him sending me a mixed box of crazy hard to pronounce beers with non-english descriptions and a most-wanted sour brew. Each one was seriously tasty good! My friends thank you Mr P! Skål
Sep 2013 Jeffo1 Peter comes through with an old favorite and a bunch of fun things I’d never heard of. Good choices man! Always a pleasure and hope to catch up again sometime soon. Cheers!
Aug 2013 madvike Peter and I worked out a trade for some GTMW tickets and a couple US beers going his way and a whole bunch of Euro lambic and sours coming my way. He threw in an awesome-sounding To Ol beer too. Excellent communication, even as plans changed again and again. Thanks Peter...let’s do it again next year!

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