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Aug 2014 devman171 Chase is my favorite trader, hands down, super generous and easy to work with.
Jun 2014 DeaconBluez Great communication throughout the trade. Awesome extras and would definitely trade with him again.
May 2014 devman171 Another 12 bottle shipper, all awesome beers from FFF, BA stouts, and new glarus wants!
Mar 2014 devman171 Boom! 12 bottle styro shipper full of TG hops as well as some other great IPAs, a real gentleman.
Feb 2014 jbickus Chase always hooks me up with the good stuff! TG Psuedo Sue, TG xhops, Woodcuts, you name it he gets it to me. And i’m pretty sure whoever packs the boxes are super OCD for shipping safety.
Jan 2014 icehawk Chase sent an awesome box of Surly, NG and other goodies after I answered his ISO Westbrook. When I finally unpacked everything, I wished I could get my box back from the shipper and load it up with more stuff... he’s generous for sure! Exceptionally easy to work with with great communication. Look forward to the next one!
Jan 2014 devman171 Chase sent me an awesome box full if Dangerous Man SWAG and growler which arrived in perfect condition. Also a ton of TG!
Dec 2013 BSchnab Chase sent a great box. darkness, abrasive and lot of other great beers. Great trader!
Dec 2013 jbickus Another huge box from Chase with some Indeed goodies, as well as a bunch of beers i’ve never heard of and am pumped to try!
Dec 2013 devman171 Chase delivers again, had to send me a box before Christmas to stay a box ahead! Awesome Founders backstage, apple ale, and tons more, great beers!

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