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Apr 2016 MarkoNm Did an IP trade with Borut while I was in Koper, as well as a necessary beer in Hoppiness beer shop. Got some interesting Polish beers from him. Will trade again for sure.
Mar 2015 CanCrusher We also did a personal trade - he supplied me with three Israelian craft beers and three Bevog limited editon beers. Many, many thanks! I hope we’ll repeat it again.
Mar 2015 CanCrusher We made a group purchase of a (imposible to find in my country) Poland craft beers this time. Kita organized everything using his Poland connection, I’ve just selected the beers from online store. I gets 34 different beers for a good price and I’m sure most of it will be great! He shared some good beers with me, when I came to pick up the beers we ordered. A BIG THANKS for your effort
Oct 2014 CanCrusher I’m a bit late again...anyway. Big thanks for company and sharing some really good and hard to find craft beers from Poland, France and of course Mikkeler, during Punkrock Holiday festival in Tolmin, Slovenia. Thanks again, buddy!
Jun 2014 ElDesmadre We did an in-person trade with Borut when I was in Slovenia. Thanks to him I now have a complete overview of the Slovenian craft beer scene, having had 20+ beers. Additionally, he shared a couple of beers with me that he brought home from a trip abroad. And if that was not enough, he is a really nice guy :)
Mar 2014 CanCrusher We have another beer trade last month, when Kita supplied me with 3 hard to find Pelicon beers, 2 Anchor Brewery beers and Brutus 6. He also shared with me four beers he brougt from his trips. And I forgot to mention, that we also met in a meantime, after his trip from Brasil/USA. He shared some hell of a beers, he brougt from there. Thanks buddy!
Jul 2013 CanCrusher Kita brought me sample beers from Bosnia, Macedonia and also some German beers, first time we met. Next time we met, he brought a beer from Belgium, Luxemburg and new Croatian beer San Servolo. He also shared beers from Panama and Costarica with me. Nice arsenal of hard to find beers from the "kinda beer exotic" countries. Thanks to him, I put Macedonia, Luxemburg, Panama and Costarica o