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Dec 2013 Glouglouburp A late trade feedback for a trade that happened this past summer. A great box from Dustin with a much wanted Sante Adairius Bright Sea Blonde along with some other cool bottles like Sour in the Rye with Kumquats and many more... Thanks a lot Dustin.
Oct 2013 kstrickler Great box of beers came in today from Dustin. Would love to do a Round 2 soon. Ill get the Sours you get the Barrel Aged goodies! Cheers Kyle
Sep 2013 fatknitty Great trade, Bruery stuffs plus an Almanac for some Ohio sour stuffs. Packed well with good communication. Additional appreciation on his patience with me getting my end out. Hope to do it again! Thanks!
Aug 2013 matboz Did a nice easy trade with Dustin for some HF and Sante stuff, everything arrived safely. Look forward to trading again, thanks!
Jul 2013 mibirder Did a nice trade with Dustin for some Sante Adarius. Communication and shipping were excellent, along with a couple of great extras. Would trade with Dustin any time.
Jul 2013 illidurit We swapped some Sante Adairius for some Hill Farmstead. He gave me an Arthur in person and sent an Anna by mail, the latter of which arrived incredibly fast. Great packaging too. Looking forward to the next one.
Jul 2013 bu11zeye Excellent trade with Dustin for some want list beers. Great communication and packaging. I look forward to our next trade.
Jul 2013 stumpyiliz Great trade with Dustin. We worked ona trade for colorado locals for a sixer of ba’d beers. Good communication, solid packing and would go another round any day! Cheers Dustin! Enjoy the AC Whale
Jun 2013 Chippo33 Perfect beer trader!
Jun 2013 TooManyBeers First trade with Dustin and what a trade it was. Got some real gems from Sante Adairius and Almanac. Great communication, fast shipping, and the beer was packed like a pro. I’m already thinking about our next trade. You will be happy trading with Dustin. Thanks!

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