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Mar 2019 Cuso 15!!! hard obtainable beers brought me Henrik to my home. This the man. Many thanks, see you again.
Aug 2018 CH-303 Received not just one, but two (real) Greenland beers. Also three bonus beers. Thanks a lot, good man!
Nov 2017 Nisse666 Face to face other hotel reception trade! The man delivered again, the dricku is back in it’s home country;)
Sep 2017 Inbreak Unfortunately I was away on holiday myself, but my friend ClubGonzo stepped up to do the trade with Henrik when he passed by my area. Some nice rare gems from his area and some extras, now I just have to get the rest to send his way and finish the deal. Until next time, cheers to the traveling beer master :-)
Jun 2017 gunnar Sorry for late reaction, received a well packed box 2 months ago, Some rare,, some hard to get and even a new Country tick. Henrik delivers again.
Jun 2017 SaintMatty Henrik is a credit to ratebeer and an excellent and generous trader. I have not shared any beers with him yet but hope to be able to do so in the future. :)
May 2017 hackobock IP trade with Henrik in Stockholm. Great trader, nothing was set beforehand and I got a box full of mixed Norwegian beers for a couple random Swedish ticks. Very generous and nice guy. Highly recommended!
May 2017 olsvammel Great IP trade in Örebro when Cunningham was driving from Norway to Uppsala. Cunningham delivered big! Got a box of mixed Norwegian beers, all from breweries I hadn’t tried yet. Cunningham got some local Örebro beers and some extras. I felt he was the most genrous part in this trade. Wish I had more local beers to give him.
Mar 2017 Sigmund Cunningham is a great and reliable trader, and wraps the bottles / cans well. No problems.
Feb 2017 Grima Another amazing box with some nice northern brews arrive in Germany. Absolutely amazing trader, thanks a lot Henrik

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