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Nov 2014 GrandaddyKC Brent is possibly the fastest dealer/shipper i have ever dealt with...no bs from this man..just the way I like tondo buisness. A+++ trader and some stellar extras from crooked stave.
Jul 2014 daknole Again I find a box at my doorstep with great Colorado goodies packed like a pro. Perfect.
May 2014 daknole Brent is just a world class guy and trader. Another perfect trade.
Apr 2014 barak316 Yet another flawless trade with Brent. Great packing, great communication and he tossed in an awesome extra! I am sure we will do business yet again in the near future.
Mar 2014 fatknitty Think this is my 7th trade with Brent. Always great to deal with, great brews, great packaging, definitely one of my go-to trading buddies. Thanks Brent!
Feb 2014 fishmich great trader, awesome extras! thanks very much.
Dec 2013 kbutler1 Brent answered an ISO post that I had for Love Child #3. Settled on a few beers from MN and a couple more from CO to complete the deal. Good communication and packing. Would trade with again.
Dec 2013 barak316 Yet another trade with Brent. Can’t thank him enough for coming through with the BCBS beers. Just when I thought I wasn’t gonna get the trade done, he came out of nowhere and helped me out. It’s always good to have great trading partners. An amazing trader!! Cheers!!!
Dec 2013 Ernesto987 First trade with Brent, a great assortment of Crooked Stave brews. Great extras. This guy is one of the best, thanks a ton. Until the next one, Cheers!!
Nov 2013 fatknitty Yet another blockbuster trade with Brent, it took to boxes to fill. One of my favorite trading partners. Always easy to work with and the boxes are always perfect. Thanks as always.

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