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Jun 2006 austinpowers Juha shipped faster than I could have hoped and all arrived in one piece.
Mar 2006 DarkElf Another box of tasty treats from my newly-married friend Juha in Finland. Ahlafors Kåtisbock, Ellezelloise Hercule Stout, Guinness FES (brewed in Ghana), Jämtlands Postiljon, Nils Oscar Kalasöl, Nøgne Ø Pale Ale & Julenatt, Nynäshamns Indianviken Pale Ale, Oppigårds Old Town Ale & Winter Ale, Polarmallas Juhla Tumma. He picked up the Guinness FES while on his honeymoon in Ghana. Juha is awesome!
Dec 2005 DarkElf Today is Christmas Day. My doorbell just rang and to my surprise there was a lady from USPS holding a box from Finland. Inside were two bottles encased in styrofoam! 1 bottle each of Finlandia Strong Sahti & Lammin Sahti. Juha sent these to me as a gift just because I love Sahti, and he sent them just days before his wedding and honeymoon. What a great guy! What a great Christmas present! THANKS!!
Dec 2005 DarkElf My first international trade and wow, shipping is expensive, but Juha sent amazing beers, so it was worth the cost and effort. He sent: Hollolan Hirvi Kivisahti, Finlandia Sahti, Nils Oscar Imperial Stout & Barleywine, Slottskällans Imperial Stout, Brøckhouse IPA, Mikkeller Cascade IPA, Saku Porter. Plus a bonus of Saimaan Rokrammi Pils. Hope to trade with Juha again when I can afford it. Thanks!