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May 2012 Savvy1982 Another solid in-person trade with Sean. A couple Paddock Wood brews for a few things out of my cellar. Awesome!
Apr 2011 DuffMan Sean sent me a box of Bushwakker gems, with the highlights being the barley wine, IIPA, and Pickard’s Oatmeal Cream Stout, and of course the imperial stout. Twelve brews in total, including several bonus brews, all expertly packed. Great communicator, generous trader, awesome guy! Thank you so much Sean!
Feb 2011 Savvy1982 In-person trade in Regina, Sean hooked me up with Lukcy Bastard, Raging Bitch IPA, and the Bushwakkers Barleywine. Thanks Sean!
Nov 2010 Boutip Set-up a quick trade for some Buschwalker beers. Easy trade with good communications from Sean.
Oct 2010 VertBaconStrips Once again Sean sends over an indestructible double boxed shipment of beer, this time half a dozen Bushwakkers and slid in a bonus Green Flash Hop Head. Thanks dude! Ultra fast 2 email trade and I had to travel back in time to get my box it got here so quick. +61
Sep 2010 Savvy1982 Sean hooked me up with a solid box of Lost Abbey and Russian River from the semi-authorized Sakatchewan release. Killer brews, killer dude. Very cool Sean.
Aug 2010 VertBaconStrips 2nd trade already! Sean hooked me up with 2 more Lost Abbey brews ( 10 commandments & Serpents Stout), a Green Flash IPA and tossed in a Bushwakker brew. Got some beer reading as well. Everything went down ultra fast. Double boxed up as well! Go Riders!
Jul 2010 VertBaconStrips Sean f’n rules! Hooked me up with 4 Lost Abbeys, 2x Pliny TE, a bushwakker IIPA and a BW. Great to deal with, casual dude for sure. These beers are awesome. Thanks for the opportunity to score these brews!
May 2010 cfrancis I got a box in the mail that could have been used as a test box for UPS. This thing was rated for a nuclear blast. Three Bushwakkers, Half Pints Little Scrapper, can of Big Rock cider, Raspberry Porter and a couple Paddock Wood. Thanks a bunch!
Jan 2010 CapFlu In person trade at Bushwakkers on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2009. Got bombers of Bushwakker: Harvest Lager, Oatmeal Stout, Missletow Ale and two bottles of Blackberry Mead. Great guy. Generous trader.

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