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Dec 2008 Hophead22 He told me he ONLY sent two bottles. Dave has to be one of the most generous guys on RB. Set the trade up for RR Toronado 20th Ann, which in itself is huge, then he bonuses me a RR Beatification PH 1, how about those two bottles. My jaw dropped. Thanks for the hitchhiking spider as well, must be one of your cellar guards. Huge thanks Dave.
Aug 2008 mreusch Dave is absolutely one of the most awesome traders on RB, sending not one, but two of the most desired beers on my list - a Batch 1 Cable Car AND a RR Toronado 20th Anniversary! Seriously?!?! Not only that amazing duo, but he also included an excellent bonus of a Mountain Meadows Cranberry Mead. All I can say is THANK YOU Dave, you’re the man!
Aug 2008 Hophead22 WOW! Dave is the f***ing man. Asked him about the availability on a BA Old Rasputin, made the deal and he not only sent said Old Rasputin, he very generously sent a Drakes 15th Ann. BA lager AND a North Coast BA bourbon barrel Old Stock as bonuses, I was blown away. Thank you,Thank You, Thank You. Also, thank you for popping my trading cherry, I wont forget this, expect a box to even up this trade
May 2008 Stine Dave very generously, and seemingly without a second thought, sent along the new batches of Beatification and Supplication, and an Uberhoppy. Very very nice. Thanks Dave!
Apr 2008 mreusch First trade with Dave, and hope it’s not our last! He generously responded to my inquiry for a VB UberHoppy, then offers to throw an FS Black Gold BB IS since he saw it on my Wants List! Those two alone are enough to make me salivate like a dog, but then get bonuses of CR Farmhouse Saison and Drakes BB Barleywine 6oz. nip along with it! Great guy and excellent trader, thanks again Dave!
Apr 2008 Blisscent Dave was very generous with the trade. Will look forward to helping him out in the near future. 1 - Valley Brew Uberhoppy Imperial IPA, 1 - Drakes Barley Wine Bourbon Barrel, 1 - Coast Range Farmhouse Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter, 1 - Coast Range Farmhouse Two Tractor Ale. Thank You.
Dec 2007 drewbeerme CABLE CAR!! Yes, the call was answered for Cable Car and I didn’t have to give up my left nut. very generous. he also threw in 2 want list brews of HotD Blue Dot (finally getting this) and BA Old Rasputin X! As if Cable Car wasn’t generous enough he bonused a bourbon Old Stock!! awesome box. Let me know if you need a favor.
Dec 2007 Jvittorio4187 I contacted Dave Dave about a Barrel Aged Rasputin. He agreed and I am very hapy. This trade was very easy. I recieved one BA Rasputin and a Drake’s Barrel Aged Barley Wine. Packing was very good.
Oct 2007 Ughsmash Dave cooked up 2 boxes worth of awesome beer, and went way out of his way to find some!! Included were BA Old Raspy, RR Redemption and Damnation (23!), Mt. Shasta Porter, Signature Ale, and a few others. Perfectly packaged and Dave is a pleasure to work with!
Apr 2007 Puddintane ...boxes of beer goodness!!! The first containing all types of goodies: Valley Brew Uberhoppy, Drakes Jolly Rodger, and a Drakes Brandy Barrel Barleywine. Then upon receiving my box the man feels compelled to send a second and to my very happy and humble surprise I receive a BA Old Raspy!!!!!!!! Needless to say I would do another trade with Dave today if he’d let me!!!!!!!

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