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May 2017 bytemesis A second trade followed the first based on Radar’s interest in some stuff that was local to me. Unfortunately this time his inbound box was damaged on the day of delivery and sent back to him (damn UPS). Super pain in the but but he handled it with aplomb and got another great box packed full of goodness in the mail. Don’t hesitate to trade with Radarsock if you have the opportunity!
May 2017 bytemesis Radar and I set up a trade back in November; apologies for the slow feedback. Really easy to work with and kinda fun to message back and forth :). In the end we exchanged some quality beers with minimal hassle, which in my book makes for a great trader!
Mar 2017 Jow Sent me a nice box for Free Beer Week 2017. Some fine New England brews along with some house made bread from the restaurant he works in and some dates, all the ingredients for a nice afternoon. Much appreciated and well packaged. many thanks
Feb 2017 Stine Radarsock sent me a great box a little while back. In all our trades he has always shown himself to be a very thoughtful and empathic person, and in my opinion is a true asset to the Ratebeer community. Thanks my man.
Jan 2017 drfabulous Andrew arranged and then sent me a box for a Winter 2016 Secret Santa. Good stuff all around.
Oct 2015 Stine A fun and varied box arrives filled with NE goodies. Thanks buddy. I’ll have yours out this week.
Jan 2015 jcwattsrugger Did another IP trade with Andrew. Glad to connect again. He hooked me up with a new NH brewery for me with one of the two beers in our trade. Will look to connectfor another trade in the spring hopefully. cheers, john
Nov 2014 Stine In part two of our trade, radarsock sends a huge box of thoughtfully chosen New England goodies. So much appreciated my friend!
Oct 2014 Stine Radarsock sends me a few New England beers and a very generous surprise growler from a certain Greensboro brewery. Anyone would be fortunate to have this very thoughtful person for a trade partner. Thanks buddy.
Oct 2014 jcwattsrugger IP trade with radarsock last weekend was super. And we got to share a few beers while together. He got me my first Blue Lobster rate. Looking forward to our next one! cheers john

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