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Mar 2007 badbeer There’s been plenty of winter storms in the area and was worried about delays hoping the package would arrive in one piece. Luckily it was packaged very well and I received two bottles of XXX Warlock, and received Bristol City’s Wit Bier as an extra. Very nice. This was our second trade and have been very satisfied on each one. Excellent trader! Highly recommended.
Feb 2007 cquiroga Hard to do any better than this-- Stéphane and buddy Garrett hooked it up with Drie Fonteinen J & J Blauw & Roze (don’t worry guys-- I’ll share!), Struise Earthmonk (maybe I won’t share this one-- sosoooooooo gooood), and two bottles of delicious La Folie. Styro shipper, great communication, great patience for my sorry ass. Couldn’t give higher marks. Can’t wait to trad
Nov 2006 FlacoAlto Another speedy delivery from kepano. He sent my way a hard to find European beer in the form of Pannepot (thank you so much), and what looks to be a tasty Double IPA from Bristol Edge City. It is always a pleasure to do a trade with kepano.
Nov 2006 badbeer Just got my package today. We were discussing the deal one week ago, and now I’ve got my beer, and his is on the way. He delivered one Westvleteren 12 and one 2006 Killer Penguin Barley Wine. Freakin’ awesome trade from a freakin’ awesome trader. I look forward to trying these; and hope Kepano enjoys what I sent just as much.
Sep 2006 eclectic Trade was for one pannepot that made it safely across the atlantic and then back across the country to me..with a bonus bristol edge city douple ipa
Sep 2006 FlacoAlto Yes! All I can say is wow. An overnight shipment of beer beyond my imagination. Soon I will be able to change my RB avatar. Kepano hooked me up with my Holy Grail beer, a Belle Vue Selection Lambic. Very well packaged and it came with an extra of Bristol’s Edge city IPA for my late night hop fix. I can’t thank you enough, I hope the package that I sent can add up to the excitement