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Sep 2015 GlasgowTAD Niall went and picked up 2 hard-to-come-by Black Isle bottles without asking for anything in return. Not only that but I ended up crashing at his that same night after a tasting which ran on past the scheduled end time. Generous and selfless RB’er - drink, share and trade with confidence! This trade took place back in July but I’ve only got round to leaving feedback now.
Jul 2015 Beersiveknown Niall kindly got me a growler fill of delicious magic rock grapefruit IPA for an IP trade at a garvie tasting. Cheers sir!
Mar 2015 tderoeck Did an IP trade when Niall was coming to Gent last weekend. Amazingly generous trade, even though we both sort of wild-carded the other into what to bring. Too bad he couldn’t carry all my Belgian ticks back home. I owe this guy one! :-)
May 2014 Scopey In-Person trade with the man, the myth, the legend. Niall hooked me up with some new Scottish stuff, including some of Ben H’s sweet ass sugar lumps. Thanks a lot!