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Feb 2005 footbalm Kevin and I have a contest to see who can send each other the most beer, I lost this battle. 10 bottles of Home Brew including bottles of his Oaked and regular Barlet Wine,Doppelbock,Pilsner Urguell clone and his Old Lady’s Wheat beer.He / you are a class act on this site Kevin,you had better make it our house this spring.
Feb 2005 BeerandBlues2 Excellent trade from slikwily for some Alabama brews and a bottle of Sake. 1-Newport Storm Hurricane Amber Ale, 1- Lake Superior Seven Bridges Brown Ale, 1- Great Lakes Eliot Ness, 1- Lake Superior Sir Duluth Oatmeal Stout,1-St Bernardus Abt 12, 1-Lake Superior Special Ale, 1-2003 Alaskan Smoked Porter, and 1-Viking Mjod. slikwily is defintely the man for these quality brews.
Sep 2004 OKBeer Slikwily gets full marks on this one, even if Canada Post can’t deliver. In exchange for some of my nearby provinces which are a bit rare I guess for most people, Slik sent the following: 1 Westy 12, 1 Girardin Gueuze Black Label, 1 Berliner Kindl Weisse, and 1 DFH 120 Minute, plus 3 bonus bottles, Bell’s Expedition Stout and Two Hearted and a Three Floyd’s Alpha King.
Sep 2004 Sancho Ommgang 3 philosphers,new glarus rasspberry tart. all safe and really good.nice
Aug 2004 shadey Got my bottle of Jadwiga Mead, A bottle of St. Ambroise, A bottle of 2002 Stone Imperial Stout, and 7 or 8 local brews. This trade was a total pleasure. Thanks to Kevin for a great trading experience.
Aug 2004 jsquire Kevin did me a huge favor and sent a growler of the Rattlesnake Creek BlueHawk EPA from North Dakota. Wrapped extra special and still a littled chilled when I got it. Slikwily is an A-1 trader and a really nice guy.
Aug 2004 OldGrowth 1 each of New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian red, Catillon Loe Pepe, De Dolle brouwers special reserve, Viking Big Swede impy, Fish poseidone impy. Packed solid. Glad to be 50th trade for him. Would trade again with him anytime.
Aug 2004 sloth My first trade with Kevin and a good one! Kevin sent 3 Lake Superiors,1 Brown Ale,1 Special,and 1 Oatmeal Stout. 1 N.G. Unplugged Eisbock, 1 Bomber of Big Swede Impy Stout, 1 Bomber, Benchmark Old Ale, 1 Bomber Happy Holidaze and a bonus Cantillion Lou Pepe framboise! Damn! Well packaged and timely. Kevin is a straight up trader, dont fuck around !Shame hes backin off the tradin gig. Damn nice tr
Jul 2004 Falconseye8 Slikwily saves the day. Sending a six pak of Leinie’s Honey Weiss and a sixer of the coveted(At least in my opinion) Northwoods. He also sent me 12 special suprises that included a Seven samples of Schell beers, 1 Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, Capital Dark Dopple Bock, Point Honey Light, an Schneider Aventinus-Weisbock, a Tri Motor Amber and a Serano Pepper Ale. Very excited to tear
Jul 2004 urbnhautebourg Everyone has traded with Slikwily, the master trader and homebrewer. He treated me to two of his Barleywines, which, if they are anything like his previous batches, should be world class.

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