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Jul 2008 kmweaver Casey was kind enough to agree to do his first international shipment with me. After a slight hiccup on the first box (DHL wasn’t kind to it), Casey sent a second box to fill things out that arrived in seemingly no time. OKH CSR, Westy 12, Bass No1 & P2, Harveys Elizabethan, and a homebrew porter. Hugely generous guy, and went out of his way to send out some great beers. Thanks again, Casey!!
Jul 2008 henrikb Excellent trade; great beer and great communication with a great guy. Old Chimneys Black Rat Stout, Old Chimneys Red Shank, Old Chimneys Good King Henry Special Reserve, Wagtail Black Shuck Stout, Aldersbacher Kloster Weisse Spezial, two bottles of saison (one 4.5%, one 7.5%), two swingtop bottles, one cider one perry. Thanks for another great trade!
May 2008 douglas88 Casey agreed to take part in my crazy U.K. adventure, and he sent 3X Nigerian Guinness, Guinness FES, Summer lightning, Good King Henry Reserve (wow!), Harveys, Cains Dark Mild, Wagtail Stout and Black beauty, and a Buckinghamshire. Wow! What a great trade, easy communication and no problems. Thanks.