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Aug 2017 jsquire Adam answered my trade offer and sent some nice Hill Farmstead bottles. Easy trade.
Oct 2016 cards04 Just completed a mail trade with Adam. Great guy. Hooked me up with some fantastic HF gold. Beautifully packaged with no hassle whatsoever. Can’t wait to trade again. Highly recommended!
Nov 2015 theothermatt Amazing box from Adam as part of the Big BIF. Thanks for the Norma!
Aug 2015 _angst_ Third or fourth trade with Adam basically turned out into a locals for locals trade with some tasty brews being swapped. Adam was also kind enough to meet up IP letting me give him his beers without having to pay any shipping costs. Great trader and a great guy! Look forward to our next trade already in the works.
Jul 2015 OKBeerFan First time trading with Adam. I approached Adam regarding large format bottles to see if he’d be interested in a trade. Ended up trading a 3L for some lambic. Great communication throughout the trade. Hope to do another trade at some point. Cheers!
Jul 2015 claaark13 Another good trade; good communication and smooth shipping.
May 2015 sebletitje Second beer trade, IP in Belgium. Good chap, always brings out amazing brews. A+ trader.
May 2015 tectactoe Adam always goes above and beyond. Always sends great beers and is extremely timely. I have also begun trusteeing for him and he goes out of his way to send me boxes for him to fill, as well as giving me MORE than enough "thank you" beers. Super generous, great guy.
May 2015 skrip oh an awesome experience with Mr. Adam Jackson. thanks man! heres to more trades!
Apr 2015 HuskerTan Big thanks to Adam! Did a trade with him and he helped me knock off two styles I was struggling with and hooked me up big with some Hill Farmstead and Cantillon. This guy is always so generous.

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