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Jul 2006 nolankowal Jon hooked me up with one awesome package: a five year vertical of DFH Worldwide Stout(2001-05)! Everything arrived super safe and secure and in no time flat. It was also an honor to hook someone up with some of the last brews they’ll drink. This was the most unique trade experience I’ve had so far and I could not have asked for a better trader for it. Thanks again Jon, and good luck!
Mar 2006 DarkElf Jonathan sent 2 plastic-wrapped 6-packs plus a styrofoam-encased 1-L bottle of Highland Cold Mountain. 12-ouncers include: Carolina Blonde, Cottonwood Irish Red, 6 Edenton (Big Boss, Uncle Nut’s, Horniblow’s Tavern, Helles Angel, King David’s, Joseph Hewes), The Duck-Rabbit Rabid Duck RIS & 3 BONUS of Bell’s Rye Stout, Aventinus Weizen Eisbock & Terrapin Wake-n-Bake. Thanks!
Mar 2006 daalamar Today I arrived home to an astonishing assotrment of NC beers from Jonathan3584. I only asked for a few locals in trade for some bells beers, and he sent me 12 different brews from :Highland, Duck-Rabbit, Carolina Brewing, and a Big Boss IPA. Incredible trader.
Feb 2006 acertain After some communication breakdowns at the start, Jonathan really came through. In addition to the agreed-upon 6-packs of Duck-Rabbit IS and Brooklyn BCS, he sent along bonus bottles of Wake-n-Bake, Burton Baton and Cottonwood Frostbite, as well as a can of Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale. Thanks, Jonathan!
Jan 2006 JPDIPSO Eight great locals shipped my way including: Highland Cold Mountain, Tasgall and Oatmeal Porter; Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout and Russian Imperial Stout; Cottonwood Frostbite; Edenton Winter Cheer along with an old favorite New River Pale Ale. Great choices, Thanks!
Jan 2006 OhioDad Another great trade with Jonathan. This time he sent a 6 pack of Duck Rabbit Imperial Stout, and as a bonus, Cottonwood Frostbite Ale, Edenton Royal Stout, and a bomber of Sam Adams Imperial Pilsener. All packed beautifully and shipped fast. Jonathan is truly a great trader!
Dec 2005 Styles Jon hooked me up with 18 bottles, trade was 12, talk about extra’s!!! 6 Carolina’s (5-392 BW, 1 Winter ST), 4 Highland’s (1 Tasgail, 1 Mocha St, 1 oatmeal Porter, 1 1L Winterale!), Duck Rabbit porter & milk stout, Edenton Royal st, Tupper HP Pils, SA Impy Pils, New River PA, Cottonwood Winter & Endo IPA. East communication and timely shipment. Thanks again Jon!!!!
Dec 2005 OhioDad Jonathan sent me some of the new big brews from NC since the cap has been lifted there. I got Edenton Winter Cheer Royal Stout, Carolina Winter Stout, and Carolina Barleywine, Cottonwood Frostbite, and bombers of Highland Black Mocha Stout, Tasgall, and Cold Mountain Ale. All were packaged beautifully and the communication was excellent. I think this is our 3rd trade and Jonathan never fails to
Jul 2005 Firemoose15 It’s always great to see more boxes at the front door. Today I opened my box from Jon. A wonderfully packed styro shipper 3 deep, Alesmith XPA, an 04 Stone RIS and a Southampton Porter. Then a second box, smaller but hefty, inside the bubbles, Carolina IPA,MashHouse IPA, Duck Rabbit porter and milk stout. Truly a pleasure trading with Jon. Thanks Man.
Jul 2005 dhlesq 1- Duck Rabbit Amber Ale (Farmville, NC) 1- Duck Rabbit Brown Ale (Farmville, NC) 1- Duck Rabbit Porter (Farmvile, NC) 1- Duck Rabbit Milk Stout (Farmville,NC) 1- Highland Oatneal Porter (Asheville, NC) 1- Highland St. Terese’s Pale Ale (Ashville, NC) 1- Highland Gaelic Ale (Ashville, NC) 1- Highland Kashmir IPA (Ashville, NC) 1- Carolina Brewing Co. IPA (Holly Springs, NC) 1- Mash H

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