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Nov 2009 footbalm Christ, has it really been that long since you traded? Got a great box from Rich.Goodies from Hoppin’Frog, some special brews from Weyerbacher and a VERY special treat from Capt. Lawrence. Rich, it was great to connect with you again!
Jun 2006 Quevillon Weyrbachr Decadence and Prophecy, De Dolle Brouwers, Dulle Teve, Victory All Malt Dark Lager, Brooklyn’s Monster Ale, 3 Floyds Alpha King, Bell’s Expedition Stout, Stone Imp. Stout, Double Bastard, Southamptom Imperial Porter, Avery Anniversary Ale (12).
Jun 2006 footbalm So Rich sends me:Heavyweight Ch-Chuck,Weyerbacher Prophecy, Simcoe IIPA,Imperial Pumpkin Stout and Decadence. Smuttynose Big A IPA,Allagah Tripel Batch 63 and a La Chouffe Houblon. Seriously, about 4 times the amount I sent him.Simple nucking Futs.
May 2006 TheBeerSommelier Richie Rich hooked me up with a Weyerbacher Double Simcoe and a Houblon Chouffe. I’d all but forgotten about a couple of beers I gave Rich at DLD, but he actually reminded ME and sent these, no questions asked. Great trader and a hell of a nice guy. Greetings to my home state, dude...thanks Rich!
May 2006 LeopoldStoch I met up with Rich at the Flossmore gathering before DL Day and we discussed favorite beers and he mentioned Peche Mortel, and I had told him I had never been able to try it. What does Rich do? Oh nothing...besides send me a bomber of Peche Mortel AND a Smuttynose Barleywine 2003 all out of the goodness of his ratebeer heart. Thanks for spreading the good beers around Rich!
May 2006 barleyPops Rich always blows me away! 2 from Southampton MayBock & Imp. Porter, 3 750ml from Heavyweight Ch-Chuck, Bock-Bock & Berliner Weiss, Avery Mephisto, Troeg Nugget Nectar, Weltenberger Kloster Assan, 2 from Sly Fox, Stoudt Bl. Dbl. MaiBock and SIX Fat Dogs! Until next time my friend. Cheers
Feb 2006 BBB63 Rich sent me three of Heavyweights OTOP brews: Ch-Chuck, Bog Weiss, and Bock-Bock along with a handbottled Barley Creek Chocolate Porter, Allagash 10th (on my wishlist), Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin and Decadence, Ithaca Apricot Wheat and Gorges Smoker Porter and finished off with a new batch Peche Mortel. Good packing and shipping. Yet again another winning trade with Rich, THANKS!
Jan 2006 Walt Rich sends Heavytweight Uncle Bobs Bog Weiss, 2004 Cidre Dupont Reserve, Peche Mortel, Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin, Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout, DFH Raison D’Extra, and Panil Barrique!!!
Dec 2005 walleye Rich shipped big time 1 peche mortel Imperial coffee stout, victory st boisterous & weize bock, weyerbacher Imperial pumpkin ale & Decadence, Heaveyweight Ch-Chuck, siberian night Imperial Stout, and to my surprise Sam Adams Triple Bock and a big Stone Imperial stout (early summer 2005) and all I thought I was going to get was the peche as that is what we agreed on thanks Rich for the great beers.
Oct 2005 barleyPops Holy Shit! a 47lb. box with 25 bbers!!! 3x Expeditions, 3x St. Ambroise, 3x Weyerbacher Imp. Pumpkin & Decadence, Panil Barriquie, Allagash 10th, De Dolle Dulle Teve Sp. Reserva, Oerbier Sp. Reserva, DFH Raisin D’Extra, Avery Samaels & The Beast, Victory St. Vic, 3 from Brasserie, Les Trois Oktoberfest, Ramstein Winter Wheat. Incredible stuff from an incredible Ratebeerian, Rich rocks!

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