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Apr 2016 MaxxDaddy Almost forgot to log my in-person trade with Marc when I was in Barcelona. Nice easy swap at the Barcelona Beer Fest, where I got some fun Spanish goodies. Looking forward to sharing them all with the fellas here. Thanks, Marc!
Mar 2016 tlahav Marc is from now on my man in Barcelona :) Me and Marc of swapped some sought after Spanish brews for some Israeli craft beers and Rugelach (No, it’s not a beer). Marc was kind enough to show me around the city providing me all the information needed for local beer hunting. Thanks again!
Sep 2015 PriorL Met with Marc when in Barcelona at Biercab. Had a nice time and had the feeling he knew everybody there. Adviced some good beers as well
Sep 2013 Martinus BRW sent me beer as part of the European Beer Swap II. I got a great box with Spanish micros including some beers I’ve always been curious about, and a tick from Andorra. Well packed, fast shipping and smooth delivery. As an extra (one of the rules was to include local food) he added some brilliant vacuum sealed Jamón ibérico - when my father came by, I even had to fight him over it. Thank
Jun 2013 MrHangover I was Marc’s target for the Local European Beer Swap 2013. He did a great job finding some nice Spanish micro’s and he also added some fine ham and olive oil. All packed like a pro and shipped fast! Thnx a lot Marc!