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Sep 2008 pantanap matt sent me a wantlist beer from fift fifty as well as throwing in a couple ol very old school bigfoots! thanks a lot for the great trade!
Sep 2008 3fourths Thanks again for another great trade!
Jun 2008 3fourths Matt rocks. Dude hooked us up. That is all.
May 2008 kmweaver Seriously, there was nothing in this box. Certainly not a bottle of De Dolle SNR 2000. No sir. Because that beer doesn’t exist anymore. Also not in the box were extras of 2001 Bigfoot and a homebrew impy stout. Thanks for nothing, Matt! (Great packaging, cool extras, and perfectly easy trade all around. Thanks so much.)
Nov 2007 willblake Beautiful sight to behold, a styro-shipper loaded with a dream team of the left coast’s finest, young and old: Old Rasputin Anniversary, RR Toronado 20th Anniversary, RR Sanctification, Alaskan SP 2002, and La Folie (a staple), plus bonuses of Anchor OSA 1991 (who does that?!?!) and his own homebrew imperial stout (which I’m very excited to share!). Great communication, packing, timing
Sep 2007 ClarkVV Matt came through huge when he offered to trade me a RR Toronado 20. I didnt think I’d ever see that one....In addition to bomb-proof packaging and quick shipping, he threw in a ’97 Anchor OSA. Amazing! Who sends that as an extra?! Matt does! Sweet.
Sep 2007 JohnC Matt sent a Toronado 20th plus an Anchor OSA 97 as an extra. Generous guy, great trader
Apr 2007 Ughsmash Matt hooked me up with some heavy hitters!... Alaskan Smoked Porter ’02, Pliny the Elder, and Russian River Depuration! Very friendly and timely communications and perfect packaging. I sure hope I can find this guy more beer!
Mar 2007 Cletus In a great trade, Matt hooked me up with a 12 year vertical of OSA packed in a beefy styro.
Sep 2006 eclectic OSA 12 year vertical, RR Redemption(2), RR Salvation(2), as well as several xtras plucked from the top of my want list, several drakes and a RR beatification ph1(which I know was hard to part with).. Highly recommended, will trade with again

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