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Nov 2014 Glouglouburp Must be my 15th box from Paul. Another nice shipper filled with Bellwoods goodies and other carefully selected best-of-ontario beers. Thank-you so much Paul for all these great boxes.
Jul 2014 Glouglouburp This trade feedback is probably for a few boxes because I haven’t left a trade feedback to my man Paul in a while and the boxes keep coming! I’ve been drinking Bellwoods and even more Bellwoods and the best of what Ontario has to offer. Last box had 8 new Bellwoods bottles + Trou du Diable Volo 25th Anniversary + Sweetgrass Session Saison. Awesome!
Dec 2013 Glouglouburp And yet another 6-bottle shipper from my man Paul. Four bottles of the kick-ass Bellwoods brewery along with a Flying Monkeys Red on Red and Indie Alehouse X Amsterdam Jump the Shark. Thanks a lot Paul.
Oct 2013 Glouglouburp And the boxes keep moving between Montreal and Toronto. Another great box from Paul with a bunch of Bellwoods, Amsterdam, an intriguing Spirit Tree Apelager Cider and another great beer I’m super excited to get. Paul rocks!
Jul 2013 Glouglouburp And here we go again. Four more Bellwood bottles and two Amsterdam bottles for me to enjoy. Bottles swapping cannot be any easier than this. Thanks a lot Paul.
Jun 2013 Glouglouburp And here comes the same 4-bottle shipper in constant transit between Montreal and Toronto. This time with some great Bellwoods (Monogamy Galaxy, Bring Out Your Dead, Wizard Wolf) and a Great Lakes 25th Anniversary Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout. Hell yeah!
Apr 2013 Glouglouburp An here comes back that same old shipper that is constantly in transit between Montreal and Toronto. This time I am treated with Bellwoods Lost River Baltic Porter, Great Lakes Brewing 25th Anniversary Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout, Bellwoods Monogamy Summit & Bellwoods Roman Candle IPA. Always a pleasure to receive these cool boxes from Paul. Thanks my frend.
Feb 2013 Glouglouburp Another easy trade with Paul with the same 4-bottle shipper constantly in transit between Montreal and Toronto. I will soon be drinking Monogamy Nelson Sauvin, Blitzen Imperial Saison, Audrey Hopburn and Flying Monkeys BNL. I’m thirsty just entering this trade feedback. Thanks a lot Paul.
Dec 2012 Glouglouburp Another great box of local ON very cool brews from Paul. Great Lakes Brewing Thrust IPA, Great Lakes Brewing 25th Anniversary Imperial Black IPA, Bellwoods Fall Saison and a Great Lakes Collaboration Brown Saison. Always a pleasure to trade to trade with Paul.
Oct 2012 Glouglouburp Got some sweet limited Great Lakes bottles from Paul and a Custom Brewcrafters Signature Series Borislav. Always a pleasure. Thanks again Paul.

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