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Jul 2022 TomHendriksen I received a Nice box from Roman, as part of Euro Local swap 2/2022. All breweries are unknown to me. Lot of nice beers with few or no ratings, various styles. Contact went fast, shipping whas very good! Recommended trader.
Dec 2021 omhper Roman was my secret Santa 2021. I was provided with a fantastic collection of German beers, both local and from other parts of Germany, as well as a very rare beer from a remote Faroese brewery. Everything was well packed and arrived timely. Cheers and many thanks!
Sep 2021 midovark Did a local for local trade with Roman a couple weeks back, and he kindly sent a HUGE box, packed with nicely selected German brews, modern and classic stuff alike. Easy communication, fast shipping and well packed box. It was a pleasure!
Oct 2020 dragnet101 Euro Swap 3 trade. Fast contact once pairs have been allocated. Quick delivery. Excellent selection of German beers, differing styles and breweries. I looking forward to trying these. Very helpful advice given on messaging and for my delivery to Cuso as I'm new to trading. Superb, highly recommended.
Jul 2020 BeardedAvenger Euro swap 2/2020, I think. Good selection of beers in the styles I was after.
Jun 2020 Moravius Lokaltausch Deutschland, Runde II. A great package from Roman, with some really unexpected finds. A pleasure to trade with! Thanks, Roman!
Feb 2020 martjoobolut Euroswap 2020/1 feedback. Really excellent box. Roman sent me 10 samples of local meads + bunch of beers (new brewery ticks and just random goodness). Excellent trader and also just a nice guy to share some beers with :)
Nov 2019 Hermod Roman sent me a huge box of beers for the Euro Swap 3/2019. Nicely packed, with some candy and some jam as well. Quick delivery, many new breweries for me. Very happy with the trade, highly recommended! Cheers!
Oct 2019 rauchbierlover Made a IP tarde while he was visiting Berlin. 15 beers from NRW, Baden, Netherlands and two country ticks (Uganda and Transnistria). Smooth communication in PM and pleasant live beer session in F'hain
Oct 2019 Grzesiek79 Roman sent to me almost 30 beer in bottle. Everythink will be fast and quicly. 3F Straffe Winter, one new Country (Transdniestra), one new region from Canada. a lot of feine sour beer from Germany and some from Berliner Weisse style. Many craft bier And Holly molly! one beer from between 1965-1975. Dziekuje/ Thanks/ DANKE/ VIELEN DANK ROMAN.

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