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May 2006 goldtwins Andrew sent a perfectly boxed assortment A paper wrapped (pretty cool looking) Gratitdue, Church Brew Works Dunkle and Pale Ale, and Penn Brewing Hefe and Marzen. Thanks again.
Apr 2006 sloth Andrew really delivers this time! 2 East End Gratitude plus Penn Weizen and Marzen, Church Brew Works Munich Dunkel, Celestial Gold and Pipe Organ Pale Ale. He then proceeds to top this off with a bottle of Founders Kentucky Breakfast B/A Stout!! An awsome trade with a very cool trader. Excellent packaging and just real easy to deal with. Thanks Andrew! Anytime man!
Apr 2006 kramer CMUBEERMAN hooked me up with a cool as heck bottle of East End Gratitude as well as three different bottles from The Church Brew Works that don’t make it to my side of PA. He even threw in a bonus 750 of Allagash Grand Cru. Good communication and packing, adding up to a great trade. Great trader.
Mar 2006 Styles Andrew supplied me with an East End Gratitude, and as extra’s threw in 2 Troegs Nugget Nectar, and a Church Brewing Pale Ale. Quick turnaround, great packaging and communication. Looks like he is making his mark on the trading circuit.
Mar 2006 46er3498 Andrew sent me the agreed upon East End Gratitude along with Troegs Nugget Necter (been wanting this one for a few years) and Church Pale ale as a bonus. Can’t wait to try them. Thank Andrew, an excellent trade.
Mar 2006 jimbowood CMUBEERMAN delivered the very rare Gratitude and threw in a Church Pale and Nugget Nectar. Excellent packaging, commnuication, and overall experience. Would love to trade again sometime soon.
Mar 2006 Cletus Andrew sent me two bottles of East End Gratitude and as a bonus a bottle of Weyerbacher Heresy and a can os Oscar Blues Scotch Ale. Very well packaged quick trade. Thanks!
Mar 2006 1FastSTi East End Gratitude, 6 Troegs Nugget Nectar, 3 Old Ho, 1 Weyerbacher Quad, 2 mystery The Church Brew Works items. Double-boxed, bagged, yet a bottle of TNN in the inside of the box broke. I have no idea how. Excellent packing job, simple misfortune.
Mar 2006 hopdog Andrew sent me; East End Gratitude, Troegs Nugget Nectar, & Church Brew Pipe Organ Pale Ale (the last 2 were extras). Thanks!
Mar 2006 northerntimber Andrew sent a bottle of East End Brewing Gratitude, 4 bottles of Nugget Nectar and tossed in a bottle of Hersey. Great packaging. Thanks again

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