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Oct 2006 Papsoe Steve’s not only a funny and generous guy, he’s also a great trader. He blew about a months rent on postage to get me this: Billy B’s Dark Malted, Hahn Millennium, Royal Danish Stout Ginseng, Black Wattle Superior, Holgate Old Pale, Redoak Christmas Cheer, James Squire Rum Rebellion Porter, Mathilda Bay Alpha Pale, Mathilda Bay Dogbolter, Little Creatures Bright Ale, Little Creature
Mar 2006 Papsoe Steve collected some very nice Australian beers - mainly micros: Southwark Old Stout, Carlton Sheaf Stout, Snowy Mountains Crackenback Pale Ale, James Squire Australian Strong Ale - Golden Ale - Porter - Pilsener - India Pale Ale, Matilda Bay Redback, Grand Ridge Natural Blonde + a couple of neat extras. Very friendly communication throughout. The long delivery was due to using sea mail as agreed