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Feb 2008 drewbeerme Trade #2 with Dan. Dan hooked up a growler of Pliny the Younger! Finally, my long search is over and I get to try this beast. Perfectly packaged, extremely fast shipping. Hope we can trade again soon.
Jan 2008 ryan Dan sent me 2 batch 1 Temptations, De Dolle SR ’04 and threw in bottles of Bahnhof Berliner Weiss, Hairy Eyeball and Tona. Awesome trade! Thanks Dan!
Aug 2007 DirtyMartini we agreed on a quick 2 bottle trade. just in time for my big beer tasting, UPS drops off a southern tier heavy weizen and a captain lawrence xtra gold tripel...nicely packaged in a 2 bottle styro shipper.
May 2007 drewbeerme dan sent a perfectly packaged box of Stone 05, RR temptation batch 1, Captian Lawrence Nor’ Easter, Wagner Valley Tripelbock, and an extra of Weyerbacher Blasphemy. thanks a lot dan.
Feb 2007 mcbackus a great trade with dan for beers i really really wanted. he sent me 6 ithaca cascazillas, 2 ithaca iipa, 2 victory prima pils, 1 alesmith speedway stout that i really wanted, and finally 1 southern tier unearhly iipa. great packing in a styro box.
Nov 2006 JHop Nice and easy, I got a Beatification for a Darklord. Returned my shipper with a one day turnover, and was easy as hell to deal with. Bonused me a SH pumpkin. Thanks again. Would trade with anytime.
Sep 2006 after4ever Dan totally hooked me up with 2 Speedways, Stone DB, Stone IRS, Old Herb, Siberian Night, Grand Carolus, Brooklyn Lager and Stout, Perkuno’s Hammer, Southampton Imperial Porter, and I know I’m forgetting one. Almost half the batch was extras--he went way out of his way and totally hooked me up. Perfect packing and instant shipping. It gets no better.
Sep 2006 kmweaver Dan through with great packaging, light-speed shipping, and an awesome extra (Stone RIS!). Generous all-around, bringing Alesmith Wee Heavy and Old Numbskull into my life. Great trader, quick responses, couldn’t complain about a thing. Thanks Dan!
Aug 2006 iowaherkeye 1x Alesmith Grand Cru 750 1x Alesmith Wee Heavy 750 1x Southampton Double White 750, 2005 1x RR Temptation 375 1x RR Damnation 750 1x Stone Impy ’05 22oz (2005 lol) 1x Southern Tier Jahva 22oz, nov 2005 1x Southampton Old Herb 12oz 1x Ommegang 3 Philosophers 750 . . .and as a bonus I got a Speedway. Received in 3 days. Only delay was d/t me. Thanks Dan!
Jul 2006 IrishBoy Dan sent some hard to get East Coast stuff I need to rate. I hope he enjoys the RR! 1x SH Cuvee Des Fleurs 750ml 1x SH Saison 750ml 1x SH 10th Anniversary Old Ale 750ml 1x Weyerbacher Double Sincoe IPA (bonus for 2x RR Beautification 1x Erdinger Weissbier Kristallklar and some bonuses which I forget what I put in.

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