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Dec 2014 obguthr He had a whale I was looking for and BMed me in response to my inquiry. Not only did he send me the whale but a Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue as an extra, a beer I have wanted, but did not ask for! He shipped without delay and packaging was very good. He didn’t haggle and seemed amicable to whatever I thought was fair. A very generous trader!
Oct 2014 jblaze36wv Nice small trade completed and it was a great experience. Shipped quickly, packaged great, and a couple of great extras. I would not hesitate to trade with again in the future. Thanks for the trade!
Aug 2014 rxeight Quick and easy trade. Sent me some vintage FFF goodies that I’ve been looking for with some tasty extras from yazoo. Very easy to work with. Thanks again.
Aug 2014 cubs whole bunch of Southeast goodness from Andy as a thank you box for being his Crooked Stave trustee. Great guy!
May 2014 daknole Andy comes through with some really nice beers. Thanks again Andy.
May 2014 dtjager Many challenges with this trade and serious lack of communication on Andy’s end for 40+ days. I understood some personal issues caused the delay and ultimately Andy came through with nice extras included. If I traded with Andy again I would ask him to ship first. PostScript to this note is that Andy sent me a second box with some awesome beers including a hunapuna that I was shocked to see com
Aug 2013 decoman did a trade few months ago we went back and forth for a bit but in the end got it done and all parties were satisfied, would trade with again, thanks!
Dec 2012 hannont It took Andy a while to get my box to me but when it arrived it was filled with nice beer. Thanks!
Apr 2012 daknole Badass box! Yazoo goodness and a great bonus. Thanks again!!!
Oct 2011 SourNotes easy trade here, swapped vintages of beatification, i added a surly 5, he chucked in some local tastes and even noticed an ISO post i had for Bitches Brew and tossed it in for me. I added some Surly Wet and other cans

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