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Sep 2017 Clownoisseur I answered Hoff's trade post and easily worked out a swap. Very laid back trader, bullet proof packing and loaded me with extras. A+ all around! Let's do it again. Cheers!
Jun 2017 andrewje41 Awesome time trading with Kyle. It was no trouble at all getting my hands on a special release he was looking for from the Seattle area, so we swapped some local brews in the process. Kyle went totally overboard with the selection in return. Very generous. A ton of great locals from MN, including a lot of Fair State. Exactly what I was looking for! Great time trading, while our baseball
Apr 2017 b3shine Kyle and I made a bet on a March Madness game, and expanded so both of us ended up with a box. Not only did he send me some awesome sours I can’t wait to dive into; he also hooked me up with a 5-month old APA from Toppling Goliath he cellared on top of his furnace all winter! Thanks, Hoffbro! Trade with confidence.
Mar 2017 Homer321 TheKyle69 sent me a pretty chill 12 pack of beer including some great Fair state stuff. I think he may be in love with a brewer there or something. I dunno. All the beers were great and packed and shipped like a pro. T. Hanks bro!
Nov 2016 StefanSD Great box from Kyle. He sent me a bunch of MN ticks and went above and beyond what was necessary. Will trade with him anytime. Thanks a million.
Nov 2016 riversideAK Hoff sent a great box full of awesome Minnesota beer. I would trade with him anytime. Thanks man!
Jul 2016 phaleslu Kyle sent me a nice big box with a bunch of MN cans and a nice baby gift, just out of the kindness of his big heart. Thanks a ton, Kyle! Looking forward to getting you back once you drop a useful load!
Jun 2016 Beerman6686 Got a box 5 months after we set up the trade, containing many old as shit IPAs. Excellent trader.
May 2016 Ed5388 Hoff hooked me up with a sweet box of locals for winning his FBW 2016 photoshop trolling contest! Much thanks for the new rates bro! A bunch of new rates and some WL beers! Very generous trader! Thanks again! Cheers
Mar 2016 Homer321 Kyle sent me a great box of MN beers, including some Fair State stuff that I have been hunting. Packed like a pro and great beer. What else can you ask for? Thanks

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