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Dec 2009 Embrouille MoritzF sent me a great parcel of 24 perfectly packed beers I was particularly interested in. Quick delivery, great communication and very generous- excellent. Thanks a lot!
Dec 2009 kappldav123 Got a wonderful crate of special beers from Max, nice and rare bocks, festbiers and other goodies. Fast delivery, good communication. Return-package will be on the way soon. Thanks for this trade, already looking forward to the next one!
Jul 2008 Papsoe With the aid of fellow ratebeerian pivnizub Max delievered another great bunch of rare and special German beers. I found Bocks, Volksfest Bier, Heller Bock, Doppelbock, Winter-Weisse, Ur-Märzen, Frühlingsbock, Keller Pils and Mai Bocks. Thanks a lot - greatly appreciated.
Mar 2008 Papsoe In another amazing trade Max found another bunch of German specialities including one of very few German beers on my want list (Mahs Der Weisse Bock). Because he’s an extremely generous guy he added a bonus half bottle of Château Latour-Martillac 2006 - full bottle is $320!! Max you crazy bastard! Thanks a bunch. (And I actually love wine, but please don’t tell anybody....)
Mar 2008 Papsoe Once again Max was kind enough to pick extra beers for me from his beerhunting adventures around Germany. All seasonals and specials. Max is a rock solid trader and throughout a great guy. Thank you so much.
Sep 2007 Papsoe Once again Max has trawled Germany for rare specialities. This time I’m particularly fond of the three Anna Fest biers. Also more bocks and Volksfestbiers, and the Schneider-Brooklyner joint venture beer. I really appreciate this buddy. Thank you so much.
Jun 2007 Papsoe As always Max went out of his way to scoop the nation for bocks and other regional specialities for me. And as always he did an excellent job. If you’re into excellent German quality beers then MoritzF is your man. And I doubt anyone is more knowledgable about the German beer scene. 18 gems this time - thanks a bunch Max!
May 2007 MiP göller steinhauer weisse, ettaler kloster edel-hell + qurator, hansa kölsch + hefeweizen, dortmunder kronen classic feinherb + export, herforder weihnacht, hopf white eisweissbier, hacker-pschorr münchener gold+hefe+animator, thier pils, schwelmer pils+alt+bernstein, borbecker helles dampfbier, irlbacher graf bray klassik, exzellent spezialbier, angermann hefe+dunkel+kristall weissbier
Apr 2007 MiP Christoph’s Zwick’l + Keller-Gold + Premium, Recken Kellerbier + Dunkel, Zötler Hefe-Weizen + Gold, Steffens Braunbier, Scheyern Kloster-Export Dunkel + Kloster-Gold Hell, Mittenwalder Karwendel Hell.
Apr 2007 Papsoe Max is doing a most perfect job at carefully selecting German specialities, that I haven’t tried before. This time no less than 20 beers including rarities from Schumacher, Füchschen and Uerige. Really amazing.

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