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Mar 2014 Travlr Easy peasy in person trade, country tick for country tick. A pleasure!
Jan 2008 puzzl Maniac hooked me up with one of the only hand-bottles in existence (well, not any more) of Bells Bourbon Expedition/Double Cream. He also sent extras of a homebrew IIPA and the illusive Bud Light Chelada (from my WL). Kick ass!
Jan 2008 hopscotch It wasn’t enough for Joe to hand-bottle and send me a beer I’ve been wanting to try since it’s inception. Nope. A box of beer arrived today that promted me to hug and kiss the FedEx man! Inside was a hand-bottled sample of Bells BB DC/Expedition Stout, a bottle of his homebrewed IPA (cool) and a bottle of Uinta Four+ Monkshine! Thanks a ton, Joe!
Apr 2007 TheBeerSommelier Joe was kind enough to keep my Uinta Anniversary Ale vertical going, by sending me a sixer of Uinta XIII. Nice guy he is, he included a Tap Room 21 Pale Ale, Williamsburg Alewerks Tavern Ale and one of his high-kickin’ "Macho Pear Amer" homebrews. Rock on Joe...thanks!
Mar 2007 puzzl Maniac’s first trade, and it was a good one. He sent me a De Dolle Stille Nacht Reserva 2005 as base, and threw in a homebrew lambic kriek (sweet!) and a Williamsburg beer as a bonus. Thanks!