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Apr 2011 vtafro Received well packed and quickly shipped box from Jeremy for ratebrackets. He sent a couple unrated Duck rabbit and french road brews, Hop Stoopid and Highland Black mocha stout. thanks Jeremy
Feb 2011 DaSilky1 Received an 08 darklord, a 6-pack of duck-rabbit baltic porter, and a shit ton of unrated extras. Everything was masterfully packed, shipped without a second’s delay, and after smooth as a baby’s ass communication. Professional trader right here and definitely recommended to every last one of ya’ll!
Feb 2010 barleyPops Jeremy sent a 12 bottle styro shipper full of North Carlina brews like French Broad, Lone Rider & Duck Rabbit as well as some other brews I can’t get and a homebrew Imp. Stout. Thanks!!!
Dec 2007 sloth Secret Santa Haul, $25 level! Exisistential Ale, Founders, Harvest, Centennial and Breakfast, 2Bros Heavy Handed, Arcadia Hopmouth DIPA, DH Reserve Special ,One Oat and Too Cream Stouts,GI Peres Jacques and Demolition. One helluva packaging job and one nice selection of brews! Thanks Jeremy! Well done! Maybe this will motivate you into some trading action? Thanks again!