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Apr 2009 sigma23 What can I say about Mike that hasn’t already been said. He is my first trade on here and was very kind and helpful through the process. has great communication and is VERY generous. she sent me the agreed upon AS Decadence 06 and LA Oak Angels Share, then bonused me a southern tier uber sun and stone 10th anniversary! Great guy and I would DEFINATLY trade with him again! just fantastic
Apr 2009 DrHomolka Mike hooked me up with a Cuvee de Castleton and a 6-pack of Dale’s Pale Ale. He also threw in a can of Bender, a Ten Fidy, and a bottle of Uinta 14th Barley Wine. Expertly packed with great communication. Thanks a lot!
Apr 2009 alexsdad06 Mike contacted me about a beer on my haves list and we worked out a trade quickly after that. I received the agreed upon Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomme and BB Angels share with bonuses of Ten Fidy and an 03 World Wide Stout. Communication was solid throughout and the packaging was top notch. Thanks again for the great trade Mike.
Feb 2009 nbutler11 Mike answered my trade post of HOTD Cherry Adam and we worked out a great deal. Recieved a bottle of Sothampton Fluer, Cuvee de Tomme, and Mack in Black along with some bonus Sweetwater Happy Ending and Devil Made me Do It less than a week later. Would definitely be up for trading again in the future.
Dec 2008 StFun Simply amazing box on the return portion of the Near Perfect Tres. LA Angels Share, Cuvee de Tomme, Allagash Victorian, Pannapot 06, Wake N Bake, and Olfabrikken Porter. Three wantlist brews, and three that should have been. AWESOME. Sent in a bombproof styro. What a generous guy and PERFECT end to the Perfect Tres. Thanks man.
Aug 2008 sprinkle WOW!! This box that I recieved shows the true RB X-mas spirit!! I am totally blown away....and I didn’t know I signed up for the $100 box Here we go... Abbaye De Saint Bon Chien ’05 750ml Scaldis Prestige 750ml Saint Somewhere Saison Athene 750ml Saint Somewhere Lectio Divina 750ml Olfabrikken Porter 16.9 Rogue Old Crusty ’04 12oz.(always a classic!) Lightning Black Lightning Porter
Jul 2008 Cletus Mike really hooked it up with 3 bottles of JP BDM, 1 St Somewhere and 2 nice bonuses. Boxed like it could survive a nuclear attack. Thanks for the great trade, man!
Jul 2008 Odeed my man sends me the 04 speedway (my favorite year)and the jolly pumpkin i asked for.plus a skargaads porter and a bells expy and cherry stout.nice packaging and great communication!
Jun 2008 TURDFERGUSON Mike and I agreed on a trade and he sent it out the next day. I got an Allagash 10th Anniversary (been waiting years to try this), Dark Horse Plead the 5th Impy Stout, and ’06 DD oerbier reserva. Mike also threw in some great bonuses: Hitachino Commemorative Ale and a bomber of Moylans Impy Stout. Amazing packaging and communication. Mike’s a great guy--got to meet him once. Hope we
Jun 2008 JW77 He sent me the agreed upon bottle of Abyss and two awesome extras. The box was incredibly packed, would have survived a ten story drop. Great communication and fast shipment, hopefully we can do business again in the future.

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