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Jan 2015 phaleslu Kevin sent a Crate & Barrel box full of hardcore cred - i.e. Iowa boost juice. This doge knows his stuff, and his generosity is exceeded only by his rugged good looks. I owe him big time. Thanks, Kevbo, and cheers!
Sep 2014 Homer321 Kevin is out of retirement and kickin butt. He hooked me up with some Iowa cred and long time wants. This hard workin guy rocked it out in a very easy trade; a true gentleman all around. T. Hanks.
Sep 2014 DietPepsican Hey, Kevin comes out of retirement to trade me for some rare brews. Hey Kevin hooked me up with a grewler of TOppling Gololol in exchange for $15, an empty growler, and a bootle of wine. Tame!
Apr 2005 5000 With miminal time, Kevin delivered Dark Lord to my door, not one, not two, but THREE bottles!!! I was surprised to find anyone with that many, let alone someone who would send to me without first deciding exactly what he wanted from me. Everyone at the Hard Liver Barley Wine Fest tasting will be very happy. I know I am. Thanks Kevin!!!
Feb 2004 alanC 1-New Glarus Rasberry 1-New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red (Cherry) 1- CAnbtillon Lou Pepe Kreik 1999! 1-Bell's Expedition Stout 1-Kalamazoo Two hearted Ale 1- John's Grocery White Ale
Oct 2003 CaptainCougar Shipped a 1999 bottle of Cantillon Lou Pepe Pure Kriek and threw in a bottle of Stone City Johns Generations White Ale too. Took a while to ship, but everything arrived packed well.