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May 2017 AirForceHops Been trading with John for a good long while now. He answers the call again when I requested some Funky Buddha. He even throws in a few unexpected extras, like always! Top notch, like always!
Mar 2016 cgarvieuk Nice easy trade, John joined us on our Family day out to tampa and we just brought each other some beers. Great to get beers from brewery hes a little involvement in. But its just nice to meet and chat and swap a few with no worries over what.
Jan 2016 SHIG Another IP trade with John. He brought me an unrated dubbel that I am in debt to him, but not worth a happy ending Gene provides for ticks! He also gave me a few other unrated beers from his travels. Can’t wait to share/trade beers again.
Dec 2015 dmac Another meet up with John yields several in person rates followed by an IP trade. I gave up 2 bottles and John hooked me up with close to 10 new ticks. Thanks John.
Dec 2015 jblaze36wv Awesome IP trade with John. Super nice guy and even shared some nice beers with me.
Aug 2015 dmac Met up with John at Spellbound for a beer and we wound up doing a little IP trade out in the parking lot. Got hooked up with a cool ass crowler from Strangeways and a VA tick. Thanks John for the new rates.
Apr 2015 Drake In an in person trade, John hooked me up with some oddball locals as well as a couple nice sours and a mead. All around great guy. Thanks!
Jan 2015 radarsock Another extremely professional IP trade completed, this time at Martha’s Exchange in Nashua. John is good people.
Jan 2015 johnnnniee In person trade at Martha’s Exchange in Nashua. Very little spooning, but both parties left smiling. Another great trade with John. I can see us doing it again in the spring.
Oct 2014 radarsock Wonderful IP experience with John: obtained Firestone Walker Hydra Cuvèe; threw an additional Cricket Hill variety pack my way just for hosting. Very pleased I got to meet this Ratebeerian. Many thanks!

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