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Mar 2019 Koelschtrinker Cider/Apfelwein trade. Got a large package with mainly Cider, english and welsh ones hard to get for me with some fresh IPAs and nice Mocca Porter. Thanks, hope the possibiliy of another trade is given after Brexit!
Mar 2019 Grumbo Local beer and cider trade by post, with Ed sending me a box with some delights from Liverpool Beer Festival along with some rarity bottles he'd picked up from Country Durham and surrounding area. Well packaged and quickly received. We should do this more often Ed!
Jul 2018 Grumbo Second in-person trade with Danlo, plus another tour of Darlington's hotspots! He's been so very helpful with my quest to get as many Durham breweries as possible and get my county beer count to 100 (not far to go now!). Cheers for your help Ed and look forward to another trade and catch up somewhere soon.
Jul 2018 herrklemann Ed and I traded local ciders. Communication was great, shipping fast, packaging very safe. Loads of extras in the box. And most of all: lots of great English ciders. Can't wait to try them. I'd recommend trading with Ed. Thank you!
May 2018 Grumbo Did a small (half dozen) IP trade with Danlo (Ed) in Darlington, arranging to meet up there one evening when I was working up in Newcastle. Exchanged some hard to get Durham brews for some ciders I'd picked up in my travels. Ed also gave me a tour of the top places to visit in Darlington, Top bloke, glad we got to trade and share a few hours in Darlington's finest pubs.