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Aug 2010 juiceisloose My longest running trade partner comes through again with 2 awesome boxes of Wisconsin goodies. The packing was perfect with plenty of extras. Adam never disappoints. Thanks again.
Sep 2009 juiceisloose Adam sent another big box of Wisconsin beer goodness down my way which included New Glarus Yokel, English Porter, Imperial Saison, and some Apple Ale Dancing Man for the wife. He also threw in some bottles of Tyranena Scurvy and Bitter Woman in the Rye and a couple of his homebrews to boot. Great trade as always with Adam and look forward to the next one after he ties the knot next month.
Apr 2009 juiceisloose In our latest trade Adam sent down a huge box of New Glarus stuff along with a bunch of other brews that I haven’t had like Founders double trouble, cerise, and Southern Tier OA unearthly just to name a few. The box looked like it was tossed around by ups for some reason, but only 1 bottle was lost so that was fortunate. Everything else was top notch as always. I look forward to our next trade.
Mar 2009 PhillyBeer2112 Fantomas23, completely out of his good nature, sent me some Old Style and Blatz from my wishlist.
Mar 2009 juiceisloose Adam came down to Orlando so we did an in person trade while he was on vacation. Adam brought the goods down with him from WI that included NG Unplugged Apple, Enigma, Belgian quad, and the latest release of Coffee Stout. He also brought along Founders Porter, Imperial Stout, and Breakfast stout to go with Thirsty Dog Leghumper and SIberian Night. The box kept on going from there with New Blegium
Oct 2008 MrChopin Adam responds to a BM for six beers but then decides to send an amazing 12: NG Rasp Tart, Belg Red, Unpl Enigma (2x) and Berliner (2x), Founders KBBAS and Rubaeus, South Shore Rhodes, Tyrn Devil Bar and Scurvy, and JP Bam Noire. Packed in a reinforced styro shipper and sent quickly. Generous and thoughtful, everyone should look forward to trading with him. I do. Thanks Adam!
Jul 2008 juiceisloose In our 2nd trade Adam sent me a huge box of stuff from WI. There was a total of 17 beers in there and it was like they kept on coming. The highlights were 2x NG Enigma, Founders KBS, Rubuaes, Devil Dancer, Tyranena Scurvy and Devil over barrel, Dark Horse Fore and 3 guy off the scale, Ale Asylum hopalicious, and 2 brothers Cane and Ebel. Everything was packed solid in recycled paper and individual
Mar 2008 JMFG Fantomas23 decided to help me out with several Wisconsin brews I had missed out on during recent tastings: NG Imp Weizen, Smoke on the Porter, Enigma, Belg Red; Tyranena Dirty Old Man, Hop Whore; and Dark Horse One, which I had been looking for for around a year. Adam is definitely a Member Emeritus of the Orlando crew and I need to look forward to evening the score.
Mar 2008 juiceisloose Adam sent me an awesome box of 3F dreadnaught, Southern Tier Gemini, NG Belgian Red, BB Bock, Imperial Weizen, and Tyranena Stickin it to the man, and a Hop Whore. Everything was from my want list and all packed in 2 nice styro shippers. A great and easy trade and I hope there is more of these trades to come. Thanks again Adam.
Nov 2007 DragonStout in our 1st trade and I think Adam’s 1st overall trade, he hooked it up.He sent a load of New Glarus, BBBock, Stone Soup,Belgian Red,Rasp.Tart,Coffee Stout,&Enigma.he also sent devil Made me do It, 2 of Big Eddy RIS,2DarkHorse Blueberry Stout, Pumking and FFF Fantabulous.Generous trader, great pack job.Quick and easy trade.Many more trades to come.Adam is the man, Thank You