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Mar 2012 solidfunk Wow. Don’t know what to say - I was expecting one bottle and got 5. Great stuff I’ve never seen or heard of before. Great trader. Put me to shame, really. Bottles included fuller’s vintage 2008, Grande Reserva pannepot 2005, brooklyn black choc stout, chautauqua brew, and Scotch silly.
Feb 2011 iguenard Another great and easy trade with my buddy HogtownHarry. I had done a few trades with him some years back and had noticed he had a long-time "want" for an old retired Unibroue beer. When moving to a new house, I found one and sent it his way plus a couple locals for a most GENEROUS selection of West Coast Barleywines I had been craving for some time. Thanks a lot again Harry for the beer
Feb 2011 doubled77 An other fast, perfect trade... HogTownHarry sent a St-Ambroise Vintage Ale 2001 for a La Terrible 2010... but you know what? there was a bonus! Yeah, he added an extra Aventinus Weizen Eisbock!!! You too should trade with HogTownHarry!
Feb 2011 doubled77 ... and the winner is... ME! I got my 2 St-Ambroise Vintage Ale 2010 edition 48 hours after we spoke about it... HogTownHarry is the bomb... the ultimate one! THANKS!!!
Jan 2011 Glouglouburp 99th trade for Harry. I didn’t think there was 12 beers available in Ontario that I wanted but what do you know? An excellent Great Lakes Miami Weisse, 2 x Black Oak Ten Bitter Years, Fullers Vintage 2009 + 2010, Phillips Hop Circle, many more... Will Harry make to 100 trades?
Jul 2010 Viper666.Qc Received of bunch of seasonals as well as some others from LCBO. HP stir stick stout, BO 10 bitter years, Traf. cherry, Hogs back tea, Christoffel nobel, GR russian gun IS, etc... Thanks a lot again Harry!
Apr 2010 JulienHuxley You can always count on a shipper from Harry to put a bright side on a bad day. Trudging home from work I stopped by the post office and Surprise! 12 great beers were waiting for me in the now easily recognizable shipper! Thanks for another great trade Harry, till next time.
Mar 2010 Glouglouburp Why Harry hates my liver so much is beyond me. This time he tries to kill it with Ithaca Excelsior! Twelve, Avery duganA, Ølfabrikken 100 gram IPA, Boon Oude Kriek, SN Estate Brewers, Thisted Limfjords Porter, Smisje Grande Reserva, Long Trail Brewmaster Imperial Porter, various Bigfoot vintages, Pannepot Grand Reserva. But my liver will survive, Harry will not win. Never.
Dec 2009 JulienHuxley Harry is an amazing trader. Harry answered promptly and it took no time before we conclude this deal. The box arrived quickly and was filled with amazing brews; Alesmith Wea Heavy, Mikkeller Beer Geek, Great Divide Yeti, just to name a few. I am really looking forward to trading again with you. Anytime, Harry.
Oct 2009 Boutip Another great trade with Harry. I got some Southern Tier, Black Oak and a buch of other ones. As usual, quickly shipped and well packed. Thanks Harry!

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