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Oct 2017 Homer321 I contacted Tony out of the blue looking for rare Canadian Malt Liquor. After working a several other things to get me the beers we were able to work out a trade. Pleasure to deal with and a great guy. Thanks!
Jun 2017 SlovakSniper Awesome box of assorted ipas, impy stout, wilds and sours. I love getting these types of boxes. Tony, si najlepší!
Apr 2017 SlovakSniper Great box from Tony. This man is a generous trader. Eager to try all those stouts, wild ales and Ipas. Thx for the t-shirt! D’akujem!
Oct 2016 b3shine Tony just broke my porch with a big 16-bottle shipper, all chock full of awesome juice! He even threw in a Canadia t-shirt for my newborn daughter :) Thanks a lot, Tony - I’m looking forward to diving into these!!!
Aug 2016 SlovakSniper Another trade with this gentelman. Again, a monster box filled with fine stouts and very cool stuff from America. Thx for the tee shirt! Baviť sa!
Jun 2016 SlovakSniper Tony sent another killer box loaded with great and tough to find beers. Very generous guy and a great trade partner. Ďakujem a na zdravie!
May 2016 SlovakSniper Just got a wonderful box from Tony loaded with very fine stuff. This guy knows what I like! Always ready for another round my friend! Na zdravie!
Mar 2016 SlovakSniper Second excellent trade with Tony. Great selection of dark beers. Looking forward to the next one! D’akujem veľmi!
Nov 2015 JulienHuxley 2nd trade with Tony already and it went as smoothly as the first if not more so! Lots of fine beers from the Alberta distro, some good ticks from the western side of the continent. Thanks Tony!
Nov 2015 SlovakSniper First trade with this legend from les Grandes prairies canadiennes. Tony send me some crazy stuff (big black beers and awesome extras). Clearly a great person to trade with. Nasdrovia!

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