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Jul 2017 mcberko Another incredible box from my man, Youri! Half a dozen HF’s, a bunch of Le Castor and other local gems. Super generous and always a pleasure to trade with. Thanks Youri!
May 2017 gregwilsonstl Youri is awesome. We did another 12 for 12 trade. He continues to send me exactly what I’m interested in. Fun trader too. Thanks for round 2 of a 12 for 12 trade Youri!
Nov 2016 mcberko Another awesome round from my man, Youri! This time he delivers with some of the best from Quebec (Dunham, Dieu du Ciel, Auval, etc.), a lovely ice cider, and more. Thanks so much for another season of trades!
Sep 2016 slowrunner77 Gonna leave a 2nd positive feedback as he felt the need to send a 2nd awesome box. Totally uneccesary on his part, but he is a generous spirit...and the box is awesome.
Sep 2016 trapped Youri sent me a great selection of 12 beers in a bomb proof box, great trader!
Aug 2016 slowrunner77 Great communication and a fantastic cox of Canadian and northeast awesome sauce! Both sides happy. Thanks, bro.
Aug 2016 gregwilsonstl I replied to Youri’s posting offering a 12 bottle shipper mystery box trade. I mentioned I liked stouts, and Bam!, he hooked me up with Canadian Stout bliss! Loads of Dieu du Ciel barrel aged variants!...He saw I had a HF Everett and Bam! he added a BA Everett (and BA Genealogy!). Youri’ your generosity is appreciated! Merci beaucoup!
Jul 2016 mcberko Another awesome box from my man Youri! This time with a ton of limited Dunham, a couple of Alchemist and a Casita Cervecería. Thanks so much man!
Jun 2016 bytemesis Fabulous trade with a great trader. I have been looking for a Quebec hookup for a while and Youri came through with a great box that ticked off a few long standing wants. Great packing and has a US address. Highly recommended!
Jun 2016 twiletto009 Arrived perfect and early! great trade and extras cant wait for next time.

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