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Aug 2015 berntholer In our second international trade Brock sent me a great selection of beers. Good packaging and solid communication as always. Thanks a lot!
Nov 2014 berntholer Had a great international trade with Brock. It was his first and it was a huge one to start with but he handled it all very well. Solid communication and packaging all the way. A good new international trader here!
Dec 2013 bucs572000 Got a huge box packed full of CCB!! Humidor series Ipa, humidor series imperial stout, invasion pale, hunahpus, and a ton of extras!! Brock is a great communicator, very fair, and great packager. All in all he is always a delight to trade with! Look forward to the next box sir!
Sep 2013 bucs572000 Another great trade with Brock. Sent me a ton of CCB. Great communicator, great packager, and a very fair trader.
Aug 2013 bucs572000 Another great trade with Brock, sent me a bunch of CCB bombers. Awesome communicator great and fair trader, a huge delight to trade with.
Aug 2013 GT Brock and I did a Pro-Am trade. Came through big with bomb proof box of six unrated beers including a Want List apa and some rare Cigar City specialties. Awesome
May 2013 bucs572000 Another great trade, got some jai Alai and ballast point. Great communicator, expert packer, and speedy shipper!! Can’t wait for the next trade.
Apr 2013 Asr1911 Great Trader. Packed amazingly well the box could have been dropped down a set of stairs and the beer would have been ok. Thanks hope to trade again.
Apr 2013 bucs572000 Fantastic trader, hooked me up with some CCB and hoppin frog. Great communicator and master packager. A real treat to work with!!!
Mar 2013 jeremiahoden BSchnab was awesome to get me my first Huna. He probably had the most amazing packaging i’ve ever seen. You def dont have to worry about a bottle breaking with this guy! I recommend him highly! Cheers Jeremiah

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