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Feb 2014 beerhandy Jazz does it again 34lbs of beers and Swag FW , Bruery , Grand Canyon,sex panther ,crooked stave and Tenaya creek He is the best Rate Beer trader !!!
Jan 2014 beerhandy Jazz throws in some premium extras from Cali , and delivers some goose island deliciousness ,Thanks!!
Nov 2013 beerhandy Jazz crushed my porch with a huge box of Arizona Craft Beer Love ,Growlers from Fate and Arizona Wilderness plus tons of extras,plus swag and fast shipping Excellent!!!
Nov 2013 bottleforager Worked out a nice little trade of New England releases for some AZ and west coast distributed brews. Jazz was willing to work things out in a timely manner and to get out and grab a few wants to fill up my box. Nice selection of extras to tick and solid packing job !
Sep 2013 OKBeerFan Traded a bomb and 6 locals for a green monster and some locals. I’ve been wanting a green monster ever since I read about it on RateBeer. Packed very well, good communication throughout and quick shipper! Highly recommend trading with Jazz. Look forward to trading again.
Sep 2013 daknole Jazz hooked me up with a long time want. A really nice guy. Thanks.
Mar 2013 Denverdiv Great communication! Promptly received a great mix of Stouts. He tossed in a few extras too! Look forward to future trades!