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Aug 2016 Cunningham A nice box with some unavailable gems popped up with the postmann. Thanxxx a lot my friend. Highly recommended trader
Oct 2015 Cunningham Nice f2f trade at swanze day 2015. 3 new states in my pocket :-) Nice recommendable trader
Sep 2014 fonefan One of may IP trades with Yngvar, when you come by for one of our tastings. Yngvar had scooped many new beers on the Norwegian market for me. Thanks a lot my friend allways nice to have you around. Cheers J&C
May 2014 Cunningham A fine f2f trade with superman at Haand-14. Any time again mate! Recomendable.
Dec 2013 Cunningham Another solid f2f trade with this gentleman. Some rare danish brew and a really tasty sour flew my way. Highly recomendable trader.
Aug 2013 brokensail Met up with yngwie, Meilby, and Geokkjer at the Bruery for some beers. These guys not only brought some awesome beers to share, but also sent me/the local group home with quite the selection of Nogne O beers to try! Super friendly and generous guys. Hope to get the chance to meet up with all of them again.
Nov 2012 Cunningham This nice geezer not only gave me warm shelter after a great evening at Nøgne Ø. He also brought me some rare ale from Nøgne Ø that I had not tasted. And some other rare brew. Like Mack Jule Porter. Looking forward to christmas brunch with Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Islay. Recomended gentleman!
Dec 2011 HenrikSoegaard Another small but nice trade with Yngvar. Got 4 norvegian christmas beers and a chang light which I really will enjoy(?)
Jul 2011 Maria When Yngwie visited me on his way to the Norwegian ferry, we mad a trade with som beers I had from the southern parts of Germany and I got a bunch of Norwegian beers I had not yet rated. Thanks for a nice trade, it’s always a pleasure to trad and/or taste beers in your company!
Apr 2011 Dedollewaitor Yngvar traded me some nice beers. Some quality Norweigan brews from Ægir & Nøgne Ø and a bunch of ticks. Thanks a lot!

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