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Dec 2007 MrBendo Andrew sent me two Old Wooly bombers, and because he was a few days behind, he sent them for three day delivery to make sure they got here by Christmas (un-prompted). Plus he sent a bonus of Elysian Dragonstooth Stout. Very easygoing guy, and very generous. Hope we can do it again sometime, Andrew.
Nov 2007 performula Great communication with Andrew through our trade. Agreed upon two Stone XIs for two WB Simcoes. There was a surprise bottle of Double Bastard in there. Excellent packaging and fast shipping. Thanks again Andrew! One is definitely owed.
Nov 2007 kmweaver ...well, Signatures actually. Andrew hooked me up with 5 (five!) bottles of Signature Ale. I was expecting 3 or 4, but Andrew sent 5. He also included a bomber of Pike XXXXX Stout from my wantlist. Awesome! Great packaging, speedy shipment, and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again, Andrew!
Nov 2007 hellomynameis A 10th anniversary La Folie and a tasty hercule stout all safely delivered to my door. I’m really looking forward to the la folie!!!
Oct 2007 ucusty Andrew hooked up a Bomb Proof box that included 2x brooklyn BCS 06-07 for a verticle! Hair of the dog: Fred, Adam, and Fred from the wood, and a dragons tooth bonus Thanks Again!
Oct 2007 beastiefan2k i love that name and now i get to try the beer as well as a 99 old crusty, Pike IPA, Dicks Porter, Alesmith IPA, and Baron Uber Weisse. All good stuff and the Old Crusty will add nicely to my vertical. as usual trading with andrew is nothing but a pleasure.
Oct 2007 flexabull Finally was able to get a bottle of Old Sol Wheat Wine, along with some other great Pacific Northwest Beers. Thank you very much acertain for the great trade!
Oct 2007 AcctError53893 Andrew sent me the agreed upon Rabid-Duck Baltic Porter, Imperial Stout, NG Raspberry Tart, Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws, Smuttynose Imp Stout, and Alesmith IPA!!! Super quick and in destructively packaged box. Great Trader!!!
Oct 2007 lb4lb After seeing in the forums what my most desired beer to try was, Andrew sent me an ’06 Dark Lord out of the kindness of his heart! Although I had never even traded with him before, he still went out of his way to do this for a stranger. Thank you so much, and I will be doing my best to make it up and pass along the good karma! I couldn’t recommend trading with somebody more-
Sep 2007 Soonah Andrew sent me the New Holland Dragon’s Milk I had been searching for along with some very nice bonuses. A bomber of Pike XXXXX Stout and Stone Ruination I.P.A. Packed like a tank and delivered in no time flat. Great communication. Many thanks!

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